‘Blue Bloods’ Star Donnie Wahlberg’s Wife Jenny McCarthy Wishes Him Happy Birthday With ‘Hottest 52 Year Old in the World’ Post

by Taylor Cunningham

Donnie Wahlberg’s marriage is as hot as ever. Today is his birthday, and his wife, Jenny, posted a romantic message on Instagram.

The 48-year-old mother of one posted a picture of her husband showing off his rock solid abs. “Happy Birthday to THE sexiest 52 yr old in the world,” She began. And, in true McCarthy fashion, the message immediately went from steamy to sweet. “Even though you’re hot AF, that’s just the cherry on top. It’s the light and love that radiates within you that changes lives of everyone you meet,” she continued.

The ex-Playboy model playfully finished her birthday wish by saying, “I love you @donniewahlberg and can’t wait to continue ripping off that shirt when you come home.”

It’s no secret that the couple, who met in 2013 and married in 2014, is deeply in love. But we always love to see the romance in person.

Does Donnie Wahlberg Renew his Vows Every Year?

Yes, Wahlberg and McCarthy renew their wedding vows every single year. And we thought the couple couldn’t get any sweeter. The “Blue Bloods” star and his TV personality wife have made it a tradition to say “I do” to celebrate each wedding anniversary. When asked why, they simply responded with, “Why not?”

In a 2019 interview with US Weekly, the couple explained that “it’s so nice to take that moment when you’re so busy to remember those words that you say to each other and the vows and the promises.” She also added how lucky she feels because “Every day I wake up and go, ‘I married my Prince Charming.’”

Brother Mark Did Not Attend Donnie’s Wedding

Wahlberg and his wife married on August 31st, 2014—but his brother Mark did not attend.

The situation fueled rumors that there was a feud between the famous siblings. And often, when a family member does not attend a wedding, that tends to be true. But according to Donnie, there is no tension between him and his brother.

In 2015, the “Blue Bloods” star sat down with Howard Stern and explained that Mark was forced to choose between the wedding and his daughter’s birthday. Understandably, Mark chose his daughter.

McCarthy and Wahlberg do not hold any ill will towards Mark because of that decision either. When asked if he was upset that Mark did not attend, Donnie said, “Absolutely not.” Donnie also went on to tell Stern that he didn’t attend Mark’s wedding either. “It wasn’t personal. I was working.”

Before the interview ended, Jenny jumped into the conversation to fully extinguish the rumors. She stated that, “Mark’s been wonderful” and that he’s always “been very nice” to her.