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‘Blue Bloods’: Eagle-Eyed Fan Pinpoints Continuity Issue With Jamie’s Cop Car You Probably Missed

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

One sharp “Blue Bloods” fan found a continuity error with Jamie Regan’s cop car recently. Did you see the switch of cop car makes?

In the episode “All the News That’s Fit to Click,” Redditor u/yeeman4659 spots a switch of cars from Ford Crown Victoria to another. The fan notices the car brand switch to Chevy Impala less than a minute late in that early scene from the third episode of Season 6. 

Another fan, Redditer DaveOJ12, responds, “call it cop magic.”

According to IMDB, there are a few other inconsistencies, including the car make switch. Another so-called goof mentions that several cop cars have forward-facing blue lights. According to the movie website, the law enforcement agency does not use these blue lights on any emergency vehicle. State law also bans this blue light car mounting.

Another website, TruckingInfo took issue with a car’s destruction after a chase in a 2019 “Blue Bloods” episode. As cops chased a Chevy Malibu into an old trailer, the car’s impact causes it to jolt upward. The reviewer felt the victim’s positioning when cops surveyed the scene was not correct.  

‘Blue Bloods’ Cars Look Authentic

The “Blue Bloods” producers have worked hard at keeping the actors, the props, dialogue, and all aspects as close to reality as possible.

According to a 2018 AM New York report, producers and police officers work to make sure the closeness of the show police cars to the real-life ones is the same.

Retired officer Jim Nuciforo is a producer and technical advisor to the show. He’s also played a role as a member of Commissioner Frank Regan’s security detail on the show.

Nuciforo, a former 34-year NYPD veteran, was worked to ensure the police representation in “Blue Bloods” stays accurate.

“The vehicles are right on the money. They look the same, but the sirens are added in post (production),” Nuciforo told AM New York. “On the inside, they don’t have all the computers the NYPD has, but you’d never know just looking from the outside.”

Little details like the license plate number can determine the difference between real and “Blue Bloods” cars

NYPD Lt. Noe Campos, of the department’s Movie/TV Unit, said the show cop cars “can’t use any number of an active precinct.” 

The officer said the cars carry numbers 55 or 12 and represent fictitious precincts. 

On Scene, ‘Blue Bloods’ Have Real Cops Nearby

Another thing Campos watches for is that the “picture cars” do not leave a specific area. If enter the real world, the numbers can confuse the regular cops and the public. That’s why the production crew members cover the car numbers outside the set.

Campos’ job is to make sure the public doesn’t approach a fake “Blue Bloods” car or officer on set for help. The article said that up to six officers and 20 traffic agents may work a shoot for safety. Shoots often depend on its size.