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‘Blue Bloods’ EP Shared How the Show Has Improved Over the Last Year

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

“Blue Bloods” is known for its high-action drama and fancy New York locations. In fact, some even consider the city to be like a whole other character on the show. However, the sentimental family dynamic has earned the show acclaim. And this past year, “Blue Bloods” really leaned on that family dynamic to keep the show running. 2020 was a doozy for almost everyone, including show business. When it came time to film another season of “Blue Bloods,” the show was limited to on-set locations and immediate cast members.

Because of the pandemic and the safety protocols that went with it, the team couldn’t go out into the streets of New York City to film scenes. Additionally, they couldn’t hire lots of extras for dramatic action scenes. So, the writers had to get creative. During a recent interview, “Blue Bloods” Executive Producer Kevin Wade talked about how the show’s creators navigated around coronavirus safety protocols. And who the show actually got better as a result.

“You know, it was challenging and out of challenges – which is an over-used word but you know – necessity is the mother of invention,” said Wade. “We had to go and find ways to make up compelling stories but that we’re bound to our sets pretty much.”

Here’s How ‘Blue Bloods’ Writers Changed The Show Over The Last Year

Wade said that the team decided to focus on growing the characters. And highlighting the relationships between each family member.

“It really turned into writing for our cast and to their relationships,” said Wade.

Wade added that the show has always focused on the characters. However, their growth and storylines unfolded at a much quicker rate this last season than they normally would because the show couldn’t rely on anything else.

“…And perhaps unpeeling or growing relationships at a faster or stronger rate than we normally would have with our steady diet of shootouts and set pieces and grand locations and all that stuff,” he said.

In the end, Wade was satisfied with the way season 11 turned out.

“So, in the balance, as I look back on it I would say everybody pitched in and did very good work and I think we came out okay.”

So, did it work for fans? Well, “Blue Bloods” aired on CBS on Friday nights this past season. And CBS’s first-run drama won Friday in viewers every week during the season (17 consecutive wins). Additionally, the “Blue-Bloods” two-hour season finale drew the night’s top audience. The second hour of the show scored the biggest audience of the night with 6.82 million viewers. And CBS renewed the show for a 12th season, so we’d say the writer’s work paid off. And we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the next season of “Blue Bloods.”