‘Blue Bloods’: Erin Faced a Difficult Choice During One Emotional Case

by Joe Rutland

Many fans of Blue Bloods know that Erin Reagan has her share of cases as Assistant District Attorney. There was one that led to a choice.

What choice did Erin, played by Bridget Moynahan on the CBS police drama, actually face? We’ll get some details about it with a little help from Looper.

So, the case revolves around assisted suicide. This one affected Erin a lot. All of this takes place in a Season 9 episode titled Two-Faced.

‘Blue Bloods’ Case Brings Up Morals Around Assisted Suicide

On Blue Bloods, Erin must deal with this case and the morals around it. A young woman dies and an investigation starts into her father’s medical practices. It’s Dr. David Peterson standing at the center of it all and he’s played by Armand Schultz.

Dr. Peterson says his daughter Sarah gets diagnosed with a disorder leaving her with debilitating pain. What did he do? After watching so many doctors unable to help Sarah out, David starts his own treatment plan for her. Still, his unorthodox methods come under scrutiny. Some believe they play a role in Sarah’s death. Now, Erin has to decide whether manslaughter or murder charges will be filed.

In this Blue Bloods episode, Erin interviews David’s former wife and Sarah’s mother, Elaine, played by Jennifer Roszell. Elaine says that she knew David was going to mess up royally and she wants him prosecuted to the hilt. But an in-depth autopsy reveals trace levels of aconite in Sarah’s system, leading the coroner to deem Sarah’s death the result of poison. It was not an unorthodox treatment plan that caused problems. David admits that he euthanized his daughter…at her request. 

Charge Against Father, Who Also Is A Doctor, Becomes Lower

Erin did consider changing the charge against David from manslaughter to murder. But she was moved by his admission and willingness to plead guilty. He was remorseless and saddened by the whole thing.

What next? Well, Erin forces Elaine to realize that Sarah would not have wanted Dad in prison forever. Elaine is not able to forgive David but admits that God believes in mercy. Erin charges David with manslaughter and recommends probation with no jail time.

This was definitely one tough case for Erin to deal with on the show. What did she get out of these emotional difficulties? A level of gratitude and thankfulness for her family and their strength. In fact, she tells everyone at the dinner table how “blessed “she is to be a part of the family. But be sure to watch new episodes when they start up again later in February after the Winter Olympics come to an end.