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‘Blue Bloods’: Everything to Know About the Future of the Show

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Bobby Bank/GC Images)

The Blue Bloods season 11 finale aired only two weeks ago, and fans are already clamoring for more. The wildly popular CBS drama is a ratings boon for the network and is appointment television for most fans.

But what can fans expect next for the Reagan crime-fighting family? Blue Bloods’ producers haven’t said much, but they have answered some major questions.

For instance, there have been rumors circulating that Tom Selleck, the patriarch of the family, is considering leaving the show. However, Snopes found there was no evidence to make such a claim.

“Further, there had been no announcement by any reputable group that Selleck was leaving Blue Bloods, nor did he issue any final words before leaving the stage forever,” the debunking website said. “In the past, a number of popular blogs had published stories about when he might leave the series. However, most of those articles were speculation.”

Furthermore, Selleck said he doesn’t think the show is winding down.

“I don’t think there is an endpoint,” Selleck told People magazine in 2020. “I think there is a lot of life in the show, as long as you let your characters grow and get older.”

In fact, Selleck is thrilled the audience has such a connection to Blue Bloods and its characters.

“There is an evolution. It started out as a character-driven show and it’s even more than that now. When you get to a point like this, and we certainly had it on [Magnum P.I.], the audience is really inside the main characters’ heads.”

Romance Between ‘Blue Bloods’ Characters Unlikely

Blue Bloods’ fans know there’s a lot of chemistry between Detective Danny Reagan (Donny Whalberg) and Detective Maria Baez (Marisa Ramirez). But showrunner Kevin Wade said fans should reign in their expectations.

“We recognize it and certainly the actors like each other, in front of the camera and between setups,” Wade told TV Insider. “I’m gonna use Sam and Diane from Cheers and really age myself here, but once it happens, there’s nowhere to go. There really aren’t stories in happy couples and there are definitely not stories in police detectives on the job having a personal relationship with their partner.”

But, he added, nothing is off the table. It would just require a lot of maneuvering to make it work, which would take up a lot of the show’s “real estate.”

“It would get a little bit to me into the weeds unless we found them other partners,” Wade said, “but we have so little real estate as the show grows, as we bring in a guy like Will Hochman playing Joe Hill, as we play Whoopi [Goldberg] or Dylan Walsh as the mayor. It’s 43 minutes and we have to keep an eye on what we have room for.”