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‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Air Out Their Least Favorite Characters From Over the Years

by Jonathan Howard
Pictured: Sami Gayle as Nicky Reagan-Boyle . Photo: Patrick Harbron/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

While Blue Bloods fans love almost all aspects of the show, there are things about it they don’t like. There’s no harm in talking about least favorite characters.

There are a few places to check the pulse of the fanbase. But, none are better than Reddit, The message board is full of all kinds of opinions, takes, and more. From what the new storyline was this week to the best what-if questions you can think of. This past week on Blue Bloods, fans talked about the characters they didn’t like as much.

It isn’t too common for a thread to be full of negativity, but this one was an exception. It didn’t get too nasty or anything like that. Folks kept it civil. After all, these are just characters. Just to get a little bit of conversation going, one fan teed it up in the subreddit.

“Anyone up for a vote for (least_ favorite character?” the post read. I’ve been seeing these posts on other subs (mostly [One Chicago]) voting/ranking the characters. Anyone up for it?”

Oh, there were Blue Bloods fans up for it alright.

“Gee, I can only imagine which one will win. A certain twentysomething daughter whose name starts with N…?” a reply read. Clearly a shot at Nicky. She isn’t really on the show much, but there is still some hope that she is going to return. Unless you are one of the Nicky haters, that is. Contrary to this comment, other replies named other characters. This reply did have the most upvotes, though.

One comment said, “Tie between Erin and Jamie,” and was followed up by an individual Jamie and Erin following that. Someone also brought up the possibility of Henry Reagan being the least favorite, but how could that be?

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Pick Their Dream Partners From Show

It wasn’t that long ago when Blue Bloods fans were talking about another fun topic. Earlier this month, fans discussed who they would want to be their partner if they were on the show. Out of all of the characters, it is hard to choose, but there is one clear answer here, right?

It seemed that Danny and Baez were the overwhelming favorites. It makes sense. The two are on the street all the time, dealing with heavy situations. They get a lot of action and experience almost every episode. Although there were fans that wanted to see what it would be like to partner with Erin or Anthony. Those two are always fun to see on the show, that’s for sure.

A week from today, Blue Bloods is set to return to CBS with brand new episodes. So, fans are going to get their Reagan family fix after this long Winter Olympics hiatus.