‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Aren’t Too Sure of One Character

by John Jamison

Blue Bloods fans are already frustrated by the lack of a new episode this past week. With all the extra time on their hands, they turned their attention to a particular character who’s been getting on their nerves. Well, a few of them did, at least.

Audiences spending more than a decade with a single set of characters and enjoying them is a testament to a well-crafted show. Most people would put the Tom Selleck-led Blue Bloods in that category. But Len Cariou, the highly-accomplished actor who’s played Henry Reagan since the show began in 2010, has earned some criticism on Reddit.

It isn’t fair to say Cariou himself is the target of the criticism. Instead, his character is the source of the problem for Redditor VLC31.

“Am I the only one who doesn’t like Henry? I think he’s a sanctimonious, hypocritical old blowhard. I’ve always found him really unlikeable,” writes VLC31

Sanctimonious? Hypocritical blowhard? Old? Them’s fightin’ words if we’ve ever seen ‘any. Though at 82 years old, it’s highly unlikely that Henry Reagan actor Len Cariou would actually seek one out. That’s if he cared about the criticism of his character in the first place.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Come to Henry Reagan’s Support

Regardless, other Reddit-using Blue Bloods fans are ready to throw down on his behalf. We’re talking full-on novel-length replies to the original post here. So we’ll spare you the entire exchange and hit the main points.

“I will be blunt. If you look at Henry and see him as one thing, then you are letting your own prejudices get in the way of enjoying AND understanding the show. Each main character and support character go through different moods, angles, viewpoints, etc.,” writes Resident_Submariner.

The original poster cites Henry’s longing for the days of old policing when loyalty to the badge came before everything. While Blue Bloods fans know that’s not exactly the case, Henry does display those tendencies from time to time. He’s a product of his time and environment at the end of the day.

And, well—that’s kind of the point of the show. They even put it in the title, so we’d be sure to catch it.

“Every single one the Reagans is steeped in law enforcement, so it’s not like Henry is regularly getting exposure to the outside personal opinions of those whose lives haven’t been shaped by law enforcement on a personal, familial level,” replied eremite00.

If there is any conclusion to take away from this online debate—which, let’s be honest, no one ever truly gets the last word—it’s that all of the characters are flawed. Henry Reagan is no exception. But for all of his blood running blue, the show’s writers try to give him some perspective more often than not.

What do you Blue Bloods-loving Outsiders think? Is Henry Reagan a hypocritical old blowhard?