‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Debate Danny and Jamie Reagan’s Volatile Relationship

by Katie Maloney

Everyone loves to watch some family drama play out. And “Blue Bloods” is no different.

Yes, we all love to watch the show for the family dinner scenes and loving dynamic. That said, not every family is perfect and the Reagan’s are no exception. From the beginning of the series, there has been tension between brothers Danny and Jamie. The show has somewhat explained where the tension comes from but fans still aren’t entirely sure what the source of the frustration is. “Blue Bloods” fans recently took to Reddit to debate the topic.

One fan wrote, “It seems like Danny is more affected by his time in the service & his fellow soldiers than he is bout Jamie. He seems more ready to argue w/Jamie which is very evident in the episode when he overstepped Jamie’s command in a hostage situation.”

The episode this “Blue Bloods” fan is referring to is episode 14 in season nine. It’s Reagan versus Reagan during this episode after when Danny deliberately ignores Jamie’s direct order during a hostage negotiation. things become heated and almost get physical between the brothers during family dinner. However, Henry gets them to make up.

Why Is There Bad Blood Between the Two ‘Blue Bloods’ Brothers?

Another “Blue Bloods” fan attempted to explain the tension between the Reagan brothers. They wrote, “Danny is threatened by Jamie’s ‘book smarts’. I think he also resents him for becoming a cop after Danny but making Sergeant and passing Danny in rank. He’s his little brother.”

Another fan agreed and replied, “I definitely think Danny has PTSD and a short temper. But he’s also the oldest brother and I think it’s hard for him that Jamie the ‘golden boy’ outranks him and will (might) carry on the legacy.”

The fan noted the additional pressure of having two police commissioners in the Regan family.

“Especially coming from a family with two commissioners. I’m sure there have been conversations about the potential next Reagan PC and he in the past season was always very aware that it would not be him,” wrote the fan. “Now that Jamie is ranked higher it’s more obvious. He should definitely seek help but it does come up more often in the conversation now like the most recent season finale.”

Another fan added that the two brothers drifted apart after the death of their brother Joe.

“Linda pointed out that after Joe died, Danny And Jamie drifted apart as Joe was the only thing they had in common,” wrote the fan. “They’re very different people. Danny’s street smart, he’s the tough guy who gets things done. A bit crooked here and there. Jamie’s book smart and more of a softie who plays by the book most of the time (except for a few occasions).”