‘Blue Bloods’: Fans Debate If the Show Has Too Many Storylines

by John Jamison
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Ensemble shows like “Blue Bloods” are ambitious in nature. There are so many talented actors playing characters in need of screen time that it can be hard to find a balance between them. Anyone with a favorite TV show knows all too well the frustration of an entire episode based around someone they deem unimportant or overly featured.

Fans of the hit CBS police drama are no exception. They even went so far as to wonder if “Blue Bloods” has been trying to do too much. And with four individual plotlines in a single hour-long episode, they could be onto something.

Of course, fans are prone to all sorts of biases. They may love a particular character because they’ve been watching that actor in a different show or movie. It could even be as simple as a particular Reagan family member annoying them. But from the show’s perspective, “Blue Bloods” is trying to portray all the different aspects of the New York police family.

The focus is rarely ever going to be the same in every episode. The world of Erin Reagan in the District Attorney’s office is radically different from that of Jamie Reagan’s as a police sergeant. One particular Redditor took issue with everything “Blue Bloods” was trying to pack into a single hour.

“Four plots? In one episode? Seriously? I love this show, I really do, but it’s just not practical. I end up forgetting names and important plot points and everything just gets wrapped up way too fast. Maybe just put two plots in an episode? One episode has the Frank and a Jamie plotlines, and then the next has the Erin and Danny plotlines,” the Reddit post reads.

Other ‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Seem to Agree

Where there’s one willing to start a thread about it, there are likely thousands thinking the same thing. A fellow “Blue Bloods” fan echoed the sentiments of the original post with their own thoughts on the matter.

“At least latest season has some episodes revolving around Garrett, Sid & Baker…. It was good to see them getting more screen time. But you’re right… Sometimes it’s hard to remember what happened in what episodes. And Danny overshadows everyone (imo). Half the time Jamie is just there. He needs better storyline too. Jamko in the making was his main plot but now that they’re married, there’s nothing for him to do,” the comment reads.

So the problem isn’t necessarily that there are too many storylines, it seems that the bigger issue is with how they’re being presented. Fans understand that there are tons of characters with stories that could be fully explored. The second poster even liked how the smaller characters were given entire episodes to shine.

At the end of the day, the “Blue Bloods” writers have tough decisions to make. And they’re not going to be able to make every fan happy with every episode or even every season.