‘Blue Bloods’: Fans Debate Why Sidney Left Jamie Reagan

by Quentin Blount

Here’s a thought for all of you loyal Blue Bloods fans out there — have you ever wondered what happened between Jamie Reagan and his ex-fiancee Sydney Davenport?

Newer fans of the show may not know, but Jamie Reagan was engaged once before he married Eddie Janko. Will Estes’ character was engaged to a woman named Sydney Davenport before they split up after their relationship unraveled.

The character of Sydney Davenport is played by actress Dylan Moore. We end up meeting Sydney in the very first episode of Blue Bloods when she attends Jamie’s police academy graduation. She went on to appear in the next eight episodes of season one before the couple’s unceremonial split up.

But why exactly did the couple that was once so happy together break up? Well, a lot of that stemmed from Jamie be so wrapped up in his job. It is just embedded in his DNA. After all, Jamie is a part of the Reagan family.

However, Blue Bloods fans on Reddit have been discussing what happened between Sydney and Jamie as well.

“I’m watching season, 7 episode 13 and I’ve just noticed something,” one user began their post. “Jamie and the others keep saying Sydney left because Jamie became a cop and not a lawyer. But wasn’t it because she couldn’t handle the worry every time he was out on patrol?”

Sydney Davenport Had a Law Career on ‘Blue Bloods’

It’s hard to get anything past a Blue Bloods fan. And the Redditor who started the thread on Jamie and Sydney has a good point. Sydney also had her own career in law and it was extremely important to her. But everything seemed to focus on Jamie’s job.

“Well…they met in law school as I recall and lawyers typically aren’t chasing people with guns,” one Blue Bloods Fan replied. “I’m sure it was a lot of both though.”

The original poster commented back saying, “They go through several scenes to specify it is the danger, not the money or anything like that.”

Meanwhile, the post didn’t quite make sense to another user. They left a message in reply to the OP asking, “Kinda one in the same no?”

“No,” the OP fires back. “Leaving because she couldn’t handle the constant worry is not the same thing as leaving because of lack of money or status.”

“But the way you phrased it ‘…because Jamie became a cop and not a lawyer’ doesn’t mean money and status,” the other person replies back. “It could mean literally anything that has to do with the differences between him being a cop and not a lawyer. We know it wasn’t the money or status. Also, it was about investigating his brother’s death and keeping it a secret. That’s the only problem I have, they emphasize the job’s dangers but a big part was his secrecy and his reluctance to open up to her.”