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‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are Still Disappointed Over Moment from Season 12

by Maria Hartfield
Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Long-running police drama Blue Bloods has fans feeling disheartened after a controversial scene. The CBS series is about a multi-generational family of cops devoted to New York City law enforcement. Warning, spoilers for Episode 7 of Season 12 ahead.

The popular American television series has been airing on CBS for over 10 years since September 2010. Now in its 12th season, loyal fans of the show tune in every Friday night for updates on new challenges surrounding the Reagan family.

Angela Reddick (Ilfenish Hadera) is a fairly new character on Blue Bloods. However, fans of the series have been quick to develop a liking for the Baywatch actress.

In the show’s most recent episode, “USA Today,” Reddick doesn’t seem to be getting along with Sid Gormley (Robert Clohessy). Gormley isn’t in favor of calling out a fellow officer for misconduct per Reddick’s suggestion. On the other hand, Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) takes her thoughts into consideration.

Sid worries the decision to bust down the officer may negatively impact the team’s morale. Angela makes disruptive waves among the staff at 1 Police Plaza, or 1PP by voicing her opinions on the situation. Although Frank agrees with her, he ends up transferring her to beat duty instead of keeping her on at 1PP.

Historically, Blue Bloods isn’t a show with heavily controversial plots. However, the “USA Today” episode has successfully upset many of the series devout followers. Specifically when it comes to what happened to Angela.

Blue Bloods Fans Find Angela’s Fate to be Problematic

Viewers of the show felt the treatment of Angela, who is Black, was condescending and ultimately insulting. It’s hard to disagree when Angela’s character is demoted so quickly in the series. Upset fans point to racial discrimination claiming the character’s role was more of a token gesture toward inclusivity instead of being a genuine effort.

The decision to demote Angela is problematic in more ways than one. Not only was it disconcerting how it happened, but also how it duplicates real-life events.

Fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions on how the story played out.

“It’s such bull that they brought in a young, dynamic WOC for 1 episode in 1PP just to boot her out again, saying she’s ‘too good to keep,'” @QAFBrianJustin wrote.

Another viewer agreed posting, “…very DISAPPOINTED to see that you couldn’t take a strong black woman giving her opinion!! I guess 1 black ‘lead’ is 1 [too many].”

Additionally, @str_rosie wrote, “I’m disappointed beyond words!” Noting her frustration with the series inability to be inclusive.

The series overall inability to be inclusive has truly upset its fanbase, a problem only accentuated by this latest episode.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10/9c via CBS.