‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Discovered One Unique Fact About New York From Watching the Series

by Megan Molseed

One thing fans of the hit series “Blue Bloods” know is that the show is about so much more than simply the players. Just as the Reagan family and their coworkers are core to each and every episode of the popular police drama, there is one other feature that takes on a starring role in the series. New York City itself.

From the bustling city streets or the landmarks we all know, the big apple is a core piece of almost every scene on “Blue Bloods.”

Recently, fans of the hit CBS series noticed something a little unique and somewhat old-fashioned city feature in a “Blue Bloods” episode.

A Unique Feature to Find – Even In the City

We live in an era of instant communication. Cell phones and social media give us the ability to contact almost anyone at almost any time. Back in the day, however, that kind of instant connection wasn’t nearly as possible. If people needed to make a phone call during the day, they would seek out a phone booth. Such booths are a rarity in many neighborhoods across the country.

Apparently, however, “Blue Bloods” knows the location of at least one of these “modern antiques.” And fans think it is hilarious.

One Redditor pointed out that they were surprised to see a phone booth on the CBS police drama. The fan noted that cellphones are a common thing nowadays. So, there isn’t much of a need for a phone booth on every corner.

One fan noted that while the New York City phone booth was on camera, they thought the character would bring attention to the very fact that such objects are a tough find in this day and age.

“I thought the way he was gonna deflect why he was standing next to it was to exclaim in disbelief “Look, a working payphone!” noted one Redditor going by the name iBlazeMyOwnPath. That is a good point since “Blue Bloods” clearly operates in current times. Using cellphones and other modern technology for communication.

Did “Blue Bloods” Preserve A City Feature On Camera For Years To Come?

Sweetpeapickle replied that most pay telephone booths are being removed. Noting that maybe the show wanted to make sure and feature one on camera before it’s gone forever.

“As of last year they were going to be removing them,” the Redditor wrote. “Maybe they wanted to have one last hurrah for them on the show.”

Maybe it was a way for the primetime drama to preserve a little piece of New York City. Especially since the landscape is changing so fast. While they aren’t commonly used now, at one point, the glass boxes were a common sight around any block.

Whatever the case, it was quite a unique sight to see for “Blue Bloods” fans. Both on the city streets in New York City, as well as on the popular series.