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‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Are ‘So Glad’ These Two Characters Never Had a Relationship

by Jennifer Shea
Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

“Blue Bloods” fans are a dedicated lot. And they show up online to defend their favorite characters, as a recent Reddit discussion shows.

Recently, one “Blue Bloods” fan really ticked fellow fans off by raising the possibility of a romantic relationship between NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) and Detective Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk). The fan prefaced his or her comments by saying he or she was “really glad” that a relationship between the two never materialized. But the fan had clearly given the possibility some thought.

Many “Blue Bloods” fans were outraged on Frank and Abigail’s behalf. They hopped into the thread to chastise the original poster. And they stressed the impossibility of such a relationship ever materializing.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Shoot Down Prospect of Frank-Abigail Relationship

“That thought NEVER crossed my mind, and I highly doubt that was ever an idea that ANYONE involved in the show would even consider,” one fan insisted in response to the original poster’s suggestion.

“Really?” another fan posted. “Never thought of it.”

Other fans jumped in to point out that Frank is not a homewrecker. Plus, they noted, he’s many years Abigail’s senior. Another fan suggested that if the original poster was thinking along those lines, “Blue Bloods” was probably the wrong show for him or her.

“I’m not sure why you’d even think of that considering that Abigail is married, with children,” yet another fan posted. “And that he’s a police commissioner who always believes in upholding the integrity of the position and who’s always in the spotlight, who’s extremely into family values, and whose family would completely lose respect for him if he was ever to become an adulterer.”

Tom Selleck Said Frank Reagan Is A Man Alone

The fans aren’t the only ones who would veto a Frank-Abigail relationship. In a 2017 interview with CBS This Morning, Selleck seemed to imply that Frank is meant to be alone.

Both his “Blue Bloods” character and his “Magnum P.I.” character are men alone, Selleck said. Frank is a different version of the urban cowboy archetype embodied by Magnum. Both of them fight violent criminals without a spouse or partner. But unlike Magnum, the patriarch of the Reagan family is perhaps a bit old to be chasing women.

“Frank is a widower,” Selleck told CBS. “He’s still wearing his wedding ring. Magnum, for all that hype, wasn’t very successful with women. And [he] still considered himself married, ironically.”

“They’re not the same guy,” he added. “I’m an older guy [on ‘Blue Bloods’], I’m a grandpa, which I am in life.”

Given that, it makes sense that the “Blue Bloods” writers have seemingly never considered a relationship between Frank and his much younger subordinate. It wouldn’t be true to Frank’s character, as the fans pointed out. Moreover, it would undermine their vision of Frank as a man alone.