‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Have Intense Love-Hate Relationship With This Character

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

What do Blue Bloods fans think of Joe Hill? Well, some may like him and some may despise him. It truly depends on how who you ask. Well, fans of the program on Reddit are wondering the same thing.

The discussion seems to revolve around Hill’s place in the family. It’s also a bit of his personality, too. He is clearly not for everyone. Some understand the way that he is and others very much do not.

The original conversation got started because of user @Confirmed_Redditor’s original post saying, “I don’t know if the writers are doing this on purpose, or they just haven’t figured out to use the character, but he always comes off as a whiny and weak character. Definitely the runt of the Regan litter.”

This sparked much discussion, as the original post was rather harsh about Joe Hill.

One user wrote in response, “He just discovered he has a big family so the adjustment period is still in effect especially if he has been a loner all his life.”

Another wrote, “His new big family is [the] first family of cops in NYC. He also is dealing with the fact his mother hid this from him.”

So, it really just depends on which folks you ask about Joe Hill, who still figures to play some sort of role on the show going forward, even he if he is not a main player in the family.

Joe Hill’s Future on ‘Blue Bloods’

Earlier this year, Kevin Wade, the Blue Bloods showrunner, said this about Hill. Wade said, “Not full-time, more than likely, but we’d like to be able to weave him in and out of stories. He obviously has a great chemistry and connection to our cast, and my anecdotal evidence is that the audience really liked what he brought to the show. He has a fresh relationship with the characters that they’ve been with for 11 years.”

This was interesting, and probably something that many Blue Bloods fans disagreed on. Does he have great chemistry with the cast? Depends on which fan you poll. That said, Wade is right that he is a fresh face for the program. You can pick and choose when to use him. His backstory is interesting. He does not need to ever be the focal point.

Wade concluded, “We’re going to, in the next couple of weeks, start formulating the next season. We were supposed to wrap him out at the end of Season 10, and that was cut off. Right when we introduced him, we had to shut down for COVID. We brought it back at the beginning of this season and then it was hanging there. We put our heads together and thought if we could do a season finale that also involved him, his return in a surprising way, and a surprising integration into the show that would take care of all of that.”

Only time will tell just how long Joe Hill will be on the show, but Blue Bloods fans should expect it to be a while.