‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Make the Case for One Former Relationship To Rekindle

by Quentin Blount

Alright, this one goes out to all of you Blue Bloods fans out there — do you want to see Jamie Reagan get back with his ex-fiancee Sydney Davenport?

If you are a newer fan of the CBS police drama, then you may not know that Jamie Reagan was actually engaged once before he married Eddie Janko. That’s right — Will Estes’ character in Blue Bloods was engaged to a woman named Sydney Davenport. However, the two split up after their relationship went south.

But there is a particular group of fans out there that really want Jamie and Sydney to get back together. As a matter of fact, one of those fans took to the official Blue Bloods Reddit to say just that.

“Bring Jamie’s ex-fiancee back in the picture,” they titled the post.

Now before we get too far, it’s important to know some details. Actress Dylan Moore plays the character of Sydney on Blue Bloods. And if you remember, we actually meet Sydney in the very first episode of the show when she attends Jamie’s police academy graduation. She then appeared in the next eight episodes of the first season before she and Jamie broke up.

Since that time, we have not heard from Sydney. But that hasn’t stopped this Reddit user from wanting her and Jamie to get back together.

“I wish she comes back from overseas and pop up on Jamie,” they wrote. “They were more of a match than him and headstrong Eddie. I forgot what episode it was when she arrested a former beau cause he was a d—e in college. Jamie should have ran far away after seeing that [by the way] how many women did Joe Reagan have?”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Reply to Reddit Post

Just take a moment to think about this for a second. Would you really want Sydney to make a comeback and get back with Jamie? While there seems to be a following for her and a hope that may happen, there are fans on the other side of the aisle who want things to stay exactly as they are.

Speaking of which, one fan pointed out just why exactly that Officer Janko is a better fit for Jamie than Sydney ever was.

“What’s the point? Jamie’s already happily married to Eddie,” one Blue Bloods fan replied. “Bringing Sydney back is just unnecessary unless she serves a purpose other than being Jamie’s ex-fiancee. And I beg to differ that Sydney is better for Jamie than Eddie. Sydney never really understood Jamie’s position as a cop and couldn’t live with the idea that he was putting his life at risk every day. Eddie, being a fellow cop, doesn’t have this problem with Jamie and she’s able to relate to him a lot more than Sydney ever could.”