‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Notice That One Character Is Played By a New Actor

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Last week on Blue Bloods, Eddie’s dad made his third appearance on the show. But fans are noticing that something’s amiss.

Eddie’s letting her dad, Armin Janko, move in with her, despite her strained relationship with the ex-con. Last week’s episode of the crime drama saw Armin fresh out of prison and looking for a place to stay. And, of course, he ended up at his daughter’s doorstep. Jamie isn’t thrilled about the situation, but it seems like he doesn’t have a say in the matter.

With the current storyline twist, it looks like Armin is going to stick around for a while and cause a lot of drama, which fans love. But a Redditor noticed something strange while watching last week’s episode. Armin wasn’t Armin.

Here’s What Fans Have to Say About the Armin Janko Changeup on ‘Blue Bloods’

As soon as the Blue Bloods episode titled Good Intentions wrapped up last Friday, fans jumped online to investigate the Armin debacle.

“I have a dumb question about the most recent episode,” u/Navatash wrote on Reddit. “Armin Janko, Eddie’s father, was played by a different actor than before, wasn’t he? We have seen the character in previous episodes, right? I honestly can’t remember for sure.”

Eddie’s colorful father has made two other appearances on Blue Bloods—once in 2015 and once more in 2019. And for both of those episodes, Hawaii Five-0’s William Sadler played the part. But last week, the casting crew made a changeup and put Law & Order’s Michael Cullin in his place.

“[Sadler] probably couldn’t shoot when they needed to shoot so they got someone else,” another Redditor suggested, which is correct.

According to Monsters and Critics, William Sadler is busy working on other projects, so he couldn’t commit to a recurring role on Blue Bloods, and that led to the recast. But despite the valid excuse, some fans are sour about the whole situation.

“Yeah, I saw that and was really surprised (and kind of disappointed; William Sadler is a very good actor, and I’d gotten used to him as Eddie’s dad),” one person responded. “The new guy doesn’t even resemble Sadler. No disrespect intended, but I dislike when shows suddenly recast long-running characters. I wonder what the real-life reason was.”

And they’re not wrong. Cullin’s brown hair and blue eyes are quite different from Sadler’s blonde hair and green eyes. The two actors also have different builds and heights.

And a few other people echoed the frustrations with re-casting. One of them said that they “wish showrunners would just abandon the storylines instead of replacing actors who quit, it’s dumb.” And they added that they think “Armin is an awful character anyway.”