‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Point Out Glaring Plot Hole Involving Frank Reagan’s Oldest

by Katie Maloney

Blue Bloods” fans are the real deal. They’ve followed Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, Donnie Wahlberg and the rest of the cast since the show’s debut in 2010. Since then, they’ve cried with the cast, cheered the characters on, and debated potential storylines on the show. And if they’ve been there for all of those moments on the show, they’re also going to notice any continuity errors on “Blue Bloods.”

Most recently, eagle-eyed fans noticed a huge mistake set designers made on the show.

“If Joe Reagan is supposedly the oldest of Frank’s children…Then that really screws things up,” wrote the “Blue Bloods” fans on a Reddit thread. “On his headstone, it said he was born in 1977. (If that was actually true, he’d be younger than all of them, except for probably Jamie.)”

The fan continued to trace the mistake into other episodes.

“In S02E04, when Frank was talking to Garret at the bar, he told him: ‘When I was 20, I was walking a beat in Bed-Stuy. Joe was still in diapers. And the Watergate hearings were all over TV.’ The Watergate hearings were in 1973 I believe,” they continued.

The fan attributed the mistake to “Blue Bloods” crew members being “lazy.”

“Danny is supposed to be older than Erin right? Oh well, I know I’m all over the place with this post. But I just wish the writers weren’t so lazy about this,” they wrote. “Whoever had the bright idea of having 1977 as Joe’s birthdate on the headstone, they really messed up.”

Other Fans Notice The Same ‘Blue Bloods’ Continuity Error

Another fan confirmed that Joe was the oldest son – at least, at the beginning of the show.

“I think they had Joe as being the oldest at one point and then moved him to be the third child. My understanding is that the birth order is Danny, Erin, Joe and Jamie.”

Another fan said that they’ve noticed the same age discrepancies several times throughout “Blue Bloods.” They even referenced another, more recent episode, where the ages were changed.

“As recently as season 8 episode 7, Frank states that Joe was his firstborn, which doesn’t make sense because at other points it’s made clear Danny is the firstborn,” wrote the fan. “Joe is said to have been the bridge between Danny and Jamie, which would make sense if he was the middle child.”

The fan clarified the two conflicting storylines from “Blue Bloods.”

“There are two separate timelines because of this: one where Danny is the eldest, and one where Joe is the eldest,” they wrote. “In my opinion, the correct birth order as it stands is Danny, then Erin, then Joe, and then Jamie.”