‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Point Out Timeline ‘Discrepancy’ Ahead of Season 12

by Katie Maloney

You can’t get anything past “Blue Bloods” fans. Even years after episodes have aired, fans are still finding discrepancies in certain details from the storyline.

Most recently, fans started a Reddit thread to discuss a timeline discrepancy involving oldest brother Joe Reagan. They say that his age at the time of his death doesn’t seem to align with the birth of his son, Joe Hill.

“In the first season, they make it seem like Jamie joins the police force shortly after his brother Joe was killed. Then, in season 10 we were introduced to Joe Hill. His mother said that his father never knew about him and had actually passed away before Joe was born,” wrote one user. “Is it just me, or is there a timeline discrepancy of more than 15 years?”

Another fan was quick to shed some light on the storyline. They said that, perhaps, there is a few-year gap but probably not something as big as 15 years.

“I got the impression Joe Hill’s mother (Paula?) knew Joe Reagan in the academy and that their relationship ended shortly before Joe graduated,” wrote the user. “Joe served a long time in the NYPD before he was killed. Maybe a few years either way aren’t entirely accounted for, but I don’t think it’s a huge gap. But I think Paula(?) kept Joe Hill away from Joe Reagan on purpose.”

Will Joe Hill Return As A Series Regular For Season 12 Of ‘Blue Bloods’?

Regardless of the timelines, we love the Joe Hill storyline. And we’re definitely hoping he becomes a series regular starting in season 12. However, Joe Hill has only appeared in six episodes of “Blue Bloods.” He made his debut on the show at the end of the tenth season. Then, he appeared in a handful of episodes over the most recent season. Despite such minimal appearances, Joe Hill has quickly become a fan-favorite character. So, will Joe Hill be a series regular during next season?

“Blue Bloods” showrunner, Kevin Wade weighed in on the subject during a recent interview. Unfortunately, Wade said that Hill probably won’t be a full-time character. But, that doesn’t mean he won’t be an important part of the show. Wade added that they plan to continue to “weave” Hill into the “Blue Bloods” storylines.

“We’d like to be able to weave him in and out of stories,” said Wade. “He obviously has great chemistry and connection to our cast.”

Wade also said that he believes fans love Joe Hill because he brings a “fresh relationship with the characters that [fans] have been with for 11 years.”

It looks like we’ll just have to wait for season 12 to see how all the “Blue Bloods” storylines play out.