‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Question the ‘Type’ of Whiskey Drank at the Reagan Family Dinners

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Getty Images

If you are a loyal fan of Blue Bloods, then you know that the Reagan family sits down each week to share a family dinner together. But you may not know what kind of liquor it is that they drink at dinner.

One fan on Reddit recently brought this issue to our attention. A user who goes by the name u/RugerUser started a thread on the popular forum to discuss the different kinds of liquor the Reagans like to sip on.

“My partner and I have seen every episode of [Blue Bloods], many of them multiple times,” the post begins. “So here’s my question: If the Reagans are proudly Irish-American, why do they always seem to drink Scotch whisky and not Irish whiskey?”

We know that every Sunday when the Reagan family sits down for dinner, they have to have something to wash it down with. And more times than not, we see the family members enjoying a cold beer or a glass of wine. But on occasion, we do actually see them drink some brown liquor. The Reddit user mentions seeing the Reagans sipping on some Finnerty’s Scotch.

“The whisky that Jack brought to family dinner in the most current episode was ‘Finnerty’s’ scotch,” they wrote. “I’m a bourbon person myself, but often have an Irish whiskey when I’m watching [Blue Bloods], so why are they downing the Scotch?”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Respond to Reddit Post

Sometimes the occasion calls for something a little stronger than a beer or a glass of wine. That’s when members of the Reagan family turns to scotch. What scotch you may ask? Well, as the OP states in their post, the brand seen on the show is Finnerty’s Scotch. Turns out it is a completely fake brand. But that doesn’t mean that the Blue Bloods fans can’t have fun with it. They were quick to chime in with their own thoughts. on the thread.

“It’s simple, Scotch is better than Irish whisky,” one fan replied. “Even the Irish know that.”

Evidently, the OP found it hard to argue there. They responded by saying, “Well…”

Another person commented saying that it was a “cultural thing.”

“That’s a good point. A proudly Irish-American guy I knew nearly 4 decades ago drank Bushmill’s exclusively. Scotch is practically a culture thing, so maybe that’s it.

And finally, someone suggested that perhaps the writers had a bit of a mix-up.

“Could it be the writers don’t know their booze?”

Either way, when it comes right down to it, it’s not like the actors and actresses are actually drinking on set. Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg explained in an interview with People that the wine is really grape juice, and the scotch is actually iced tea.