‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Question One Unique Aspect of Intro Song

by Quentin Blount

Well, folks, Blue Bloods fans are back at it again on Reddit. This time around, fans are debating about whether or not the intro song to the show is too loud.

Now, all fans of Blue Bloods can probably agree that there isn’t much to change about the show. The television series has treated fans to 11 wonderful seasons of police drama. Blue Bloods first aired on CBS back in September of 2010. And it has a star-studded cast of main characters. Those include Tom Selleck who plays New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, Donnie Wahlberg as Frank’s oldest son, Danny Reagan, Bridget Moynahan as Frank’s daughter, Erin Reagan, and Will Estes as Frank’s youngest son, Jamie Reagan.

But outside of all the great things about the show, fans do have a couple of gripes. And one of those is about the intro song that plays before every episode. The song is titled “Reagan’s Theme” and many fans agree that it is way too loud compared to the volume of the rest of the show. One user on the popular forum Reddit made an entire thread about just that on Wednesday morning.

“I feel like the ‘Blue Bloods’ intro song is yelling at me,” user u/Marge-Gunderson wrote. “Why is it SO LOUD?!”

Have a listen for yourself down below:

Is the Intro Song for ‘Blue Bloods’ Too Loud?

It really is tough to get anything by a Blue Bloods fan. They are able to critique even the slightest of things like the volume on the show’s intro song. But what else are we to expect from fans who regularly watch the Reagans solve crimes and catch bad guys?

In the end, however, it wasn’t just the original creator of the post who felt like the volume of the “Reagan’s Theme” is too loud. As a matter of fact, other Blue Bloods fans seemed to be in 100-percent agreement that whoever is in charge should tone down the volume at least a little bit.

One fan left a comment joking that it could be worse if the song was any longer. “At least it’s short,” they said.

“I kinda agree it is a bit loud but it’s still a great song,” another Reddit user added. “I try not to have it too high and always get this feeling whenever I hear it.”

And finally, other fans were happy that someone else called out the issue. The volume issue seems to be more common than most people may think.

“Thank you!!! I feel like I could have my volume on 5 and as soon as the song comes on it jumps up,” someone said. “It’s come to the point where I mute the intro. They need to turn it down!”