‘Blue Bloods’ Fans React to Last Night’s Heart-Pounding ‘Be Smart or Be Dead’ Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Friday’s episode of “Blue Bloods” was aptly titled “Be Smart or Be Dead” and fans were on the edges of their seats the entire 45 minutes of action. Namely, Danny Reagan was the subject of a hit, resulting in his little brother Jamie being appointed his protector.

Eventually, the NYPD had to fake Danny’s death to get a gang member off his back. Maybe that’s the “Be Dead” part of the title.

Joe Hill also returned, beaten and in the hospital. He was the victim of a recently released criminal whom he put away. Now, Joe needs to lean on his Reagan family ties to recover, but he is still hesitant to do so. Joe is hoping to take matters into this own hands in the Javier Esteves case, and believes Frank Reagan is offering his help as a family member and not as a cop.

There’s a lot of things to reconcile from this episode: Joe Hill’s taste for vengeance, how Danny will deal with “being dead,” and Eddie’s bad luck with finding a new partner.

The official “Blue Bloods” Twitter posted a tweet about the episode thanking fans for tuning in on Friday. Fans replied in the comments, sharing their love of the show and the new episode.

“Great episode tonight you guys I will see you all next week,” replied one “Blue Bloods” fan. Another commented, “My fave show. Was lucky enough to meet Tom several years ago & he was so sweet,” referring to star Tom Selleck.

Yet another commented on Joe Hill’s return, writing, “Great episode. Was good to see Joe again, hoping he is in more episodes.”

‘Blue Bloods’: Will Joe Hill Come to Terms with His Family Name?

In this latest episode, we saw Joe hesitantly accept help from Frank Reagan. He didn’t want help from his family at first; he’s been notoriously against his family name and the legacy that comes with it. But, now it seems like he might slowly be accepting it.

Frank made Joe go through normal police channels to capture Estevez and charge him with assaulting an officer. Good thing too, because Joe was looking to do a little vigilante justice of his own. At the end of the recent episode, Frank went to Joe’s apartment to check on him. Frank gave him a photo of his father, Joseph Reagan, Frank’s third child. Joe never knew his father, as his mother hid her pregnancy from Joseph.

Receiving a photo of his dad from his paternal grandfather seems to be the thing that will bring him into the Reagan family. At the end of the episode, he asked to come to the Reagan family dinners. “Bring the dessert,” Frank said. So it looks like Joe might be coming to terms with his legacy family after all.