‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Use One ’Trick to ‘Reset’ Characters Before Watching Episodes

by John Jamison

Anyone who has ever sat down to binge-watch a show on their day off knows how infuriating certain characters can become over the course of a few hours. The hit CBS police drama “Blue Bloods” is no exception. But at least a few fans have figured out a creative way of getting around this.

The Reagan family, like any other group of people depicted on TV, is very particular. Jamie can be counted on to put the Reagan family name above pretty much everything, Erin is extremely hardheaded, and Nicky is… well, Nicky is Nicky.

Long story short, in huge doses, some “Blue Bloods” fans have found the family’s personalities a bit abrasive. So how do they go about fixing that? Well, at least one Redditor had the brilliant idea of doing something we tend to do a lot of here at Outsider. They take a break from the show to watch some interviews with the actors and actresses.

Titling the post “A Neat Trick,” the anonymous fan shared a “reset” technique that seems to be working for them.

“So, I’ve taken to Youtube to see them each in interviews. Seeing the real actor/actress speaking out of character helps reset them in my mind. Just an FYI, if you also suffer from Character Rage. (Sami Gayle aka Nicky is an adorable human being outside of the show.),” the post reads.

It’s a sound strategy. If being immersed in the world of “Blue Bloods” for too long is taking a toll, looking at the characters in a completely different light is a great way to unwind. And the post isn’t wrong about Sami Gayle. In fact, seeing any of the cast in such a different context can be delightful. It can be easy to forget that actors are just people.

Will Sami Gayle Come Back on ‘Blue Bloods’ Season 12?

Fans were heartbroken when it looked like Sami Gayle, who plays Erin’s daughter Nicky Reagan-Boyle, wouldn’t be returning after she left during Season 10. Fortunately, she delighted everyone by turning up in Season 11. Now, the question is whether or not she will stick around for a bit of Season 12.

There is still no official word on whether Gayle will be back to reprise her role as Nicky Reagan. But IMDb has the majority of the cast listed through 2021 and Gayle only through 2020. So that’s not the most promising of signs. Regardless, Gayle has been incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play Nicky over the years.

‘A mother once came up to me and thanked me for the impact that Nicky had had on her daughter; she said that watching my character carve her own path and speak her mind encouraged her daughter to do the same. That was incredibly rewarding,” the Nick Reagan actress told Glitter at the beginning of “Blue Bloods” Season 11.