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‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Want a Crossover With This Police Procedural

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by James Devaney/WireImage)

Blue Bloods fans have spoken. They want a crossover with another police procedural. The crossover opportunity that has fans on Reddit talking? The Rookie.

The original post posed this question, “Interesting hypothetical topic- Which of your favorite characters did you want to see crossover back and forth on each show ? Out of curiosity? Who do you want to see paired with? ( even though on Blue Bloods is set in New York with NYPD cops-East Coast and The Rookie is set in Los Angeles with LAPD cops-West coast )? what are your thoughts?”

The discussion grew from there. This is what fans have become accustomed to in the modern era of television. Crossovers are part of the game now, which may have begun with the comic book movies bringing these possibilities to the forefront. Sure, folks love Iron Man, but they also love seeing Tony Stark and Captain America team up, too.

It opens up new avenues and fun new storylines. The problem is schedules, generally speaking. It’s hard to get everybody in the right spot at the right time to shoot a multi-episode crossover. That’s just a tough thing to deal with as a cast and production crew.

In response to the question, one user wrote, “Tim Bradford and Danny Reagen solving a case would be fun.” That would be fun, wouldn’t it?

Eddie and Jamie on ‘Blue Bloods’

One of the rising stars of the program is Eddie. When asked about her character’s rise on the show in recent seasons, she said, “When I started on the show in season 4, I almost exclusively worked with Will. He’s an incredible scene partner and dear friend. As Jamie and Eddie’s relationship evolved and when they finally decided to get together/married, my job had also evolved. I was working with people I’d only ever high-fived in the studio hallway. It felt like a totally new show. New faces every day. I got a new partner in the incredible Lauren Patton. It’s been quite an arc looking back. Eddie’s voice is bolder now at the dinner table and on the job. I like that.”

She had to kind of wait her turn in a way, but she worked with a talented actor in Will that made everything work. Then, the marriage moved her along. She is a far more confident character than she was previously.

Does she like the dinners on Blue Bloods? She said, “I hope that we are showing our viewers that if the love is strong in a relationship, you can disagree and still be at peace with one another. The Reagan’s come together NO MATTER WHAT their differences are. I hope our viewers find ways to do the same in their own way.”

How cool is that? It’s a great message here and one we can all relate to which is one of the many things that makes Blue Bloods great.