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‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Want an Entire Episode Around a Family Dinner Scene

by Jennifer Shea
Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images

Twelve seasons in, the “Blue Bloods” dinner table scenes are by now legendary, both as cornerstones of the show and for how long it takes to film them. They’re seen as so crucial to “Blue Bloods,” in fact, that some fans are pushing for an entire episode structured around the Reagan family dinner table.

On Reddit, several fans argued in favor of a dinner table episode and several fans came out against it. One fan kicked off the thread with a suggestion: film an entire episode around the Reagans’ table. (Never mind how grueling that would be for the actors.)  

“I think they should do an entire episode thats just around the dinner table,” the fan posted. “Different things can happen people could come and go. But I’d like to see a whole episode like that.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Debate Pros and Cons of Dinner Table Episode

“That would be a good bottle episode,” another fan chimed in. “I’d watch it.”

But other fans were opposed to the idea, pointing out that a dinner table episode would cut out a lot of the action that draws many “Blue Bloods” fans in, and could get to be quite dull by the end.

“It wouldn’t work,” another fan argued. “What makes this series great is that we see different characters in their roles as cops. A whole episode on a family dinner would be quite boring unless they have hostage situation where a bad guy break into the house and holds the family hostage during Sunday dinner. Damn I just wrote plot to an episode.”

Another fan went even further, saying that he fast forwards through the dinner table scenes because “Nicky and boys annoy me.” While that’s missing out on an iconic part of “Blue Bloods,” there’s no doubt that many fans would find a dinner table episode too slow-moving for their tastes.

Dinner Table Scenes Can Be ‘Miserable’ For Actors

Interesting as a dinner table episode might be for some fans, “Blue Bloods” stars’ description of shooting those scenes suggests it would be cruel to the actors.

“It’s nice to spend time with the entire cast once an episode, but filming an eating scene is miserable,” Frank Reagan actor Tom Selleck told People in 2013. “Well, the eating part is. You have to eat the same foods over and over again to get all the shots. We’ll probably spend eight hours shooting this scene.”

Imagine having to eat the same food for eight hours straight! The actors have tried to devise ways around this, doing something besides eating when the camera turns to them so they don’t have to keep eating for hours. According to his co-stars, Danny Reagan actor Donnie Wahlberg is the exception. He just tucks it away for hours on end.

“We have to look like we’re eating during every take so we’ve all figured out ways to pretend,” Nicky Reagan actor Sami Gayle told People. “Tom always butters his bread, so no one else can use that technique. Bridget [Moynahan] cuts her food a lot. I’ll cut my food, too, and drink water a lot.”

“I have my own tricks: Cut food and drink something,” Linda Reagan actor Amy Carlson added. “Once it becomes someone’s signature move, you can’t use it and you have to come with your own. Unless you’re Donnie, and then you just eat what’s put in front of you.”