‘Blue Bloods’ Finale Will Feature Tom Selleck Reuniting With ‘Jesse Stone’ Actor

by Anna Dunn

The highly anticipated two-part Blue Bloods finale airs Friday and will see Tom Selleck reuniting with Gloria Reuben. The season finale will be incredibly high stakes for the Reagan family, who discover that Joe Hill, grandson of Frank Reagan (Selleck), is undercover. Not only is Hill undercover, but he may be compromised, putting him in insurmountable danger.

Reuben will play ATF Special Agent Rachel Weber, who is in charge of Joe Hill’s undercover operation. This isn’t the first time Selleck and Reuben have worked together. They also worked together on Jesse Stone, a hallmark channel film series about a detective starring Selleck.

People know Rueben for many roles beyond her work on Jesse Stone. The Canadian actress has had roles in hit shows such as ER, Raising the Bar, Law and Order: SVU, Lincoln, Falling Skies, and Mr. Robot. One of her most recent roles is a recurring spot on the show, City on a Hill. She also has acted in multiple stage productions, released her own music, and authored a memoir, My Brother’s Keeper. Her appearance on Blue Bloods couldn’t come during a more urgent episode.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Worried About Joe Hill

It is clear from the promo that Joe Hill is in a lot of trouble. The promo, which features the family scrambling to get Hill out of a potentially compromised undercover mission, ends with Hill telling Frank Reagan “I love you grandpa,” in a frantic tone before hanging up a payphone.

While it’s obviously hard to tell exactly what’s going to occur, it’s clear that the family and all main players are teaming up to save their loved one. Looking at still shots, Jamie and Danny appear to team up. There’s also a picture of Anthony, Eddie, and Erin at the same crime scene. With a two-hour finale like this, we’ll likely see a lot of the characters fans love the most.

While we can’t guarantee the finale won’t end with a cliffhanger, fans don’t have to worry about being left without answers forever. Thankfully, Blue Bloods has already been renewed for another season. The Selleck-lead series has experienced a dip in ratings that has continued to worsen over the past few years, but hopefully, this finale will be action-packed enough to set things right.

You can learn the Fate of Joe Hill and watch the Reagan family work together this Friday, May 14. The show airs 9:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT on CBS.