‘Blue Bloods’ Sees Former Character Return But Get Snubbed for Family Dinner

by Amy Myers
Photo by John Paul Filo. ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

When we last saw long-lost grandson Joe Hill on Blue Bloods, Frank Reagan and the rest of the family happily welcomed him at the Sunday night dinner table. This time, though, the circumstances were much different. In the latest episode, “Be Smart or Be Dead,” Hill returned to the scene with a black eye and broken wrist. As it turned out, he was the victim of Javier Esteves, a criminal that had just been released from prison. Looking to enact vengeance on the cop that put him away, Esteves attacked Hill and landed him in the hospital.

Like any close-knit family, the Reagans offered their support to Hill. But, just like before, Hill was hesitant to lean on his familial connections within the NYPD. Instead, he insisted that police commissioner Frank Reagan treat him like any other cop. While his intentions may be noble, the constant denial of his relationship to the Reagans can seem a bit disrespectful.

Following the interaction, the Blue Bloods family gathered for their weekly dinner together. Normally, Hill isn’t a part of these meals, but given his appearance in the episode, fans expected to see the extended family member at the table as well. It’s possible that Hill was absent because he was recovering from his injuries. Although, it’s just as likely that the fellow officer didn’t receive an invitation as a result of his last interaction with his grandfather.

‘Blue Bloods’ Family Patriarch Patches Up Relationship with Joe Hill

For much of the episode, we see Joe Hill struggling with his identity and his connection to the Reagans. As the NYPD pursues Estevez and the assault on the officer, Frank Reagan abides by Hill’s request to treat him like any other cop. So, he requires the officer to implicate the perpetrator in a line-up.

Hill again becomes frustrated because he feels that Frank is extending his help as a family member. Instead of completing a formal investigation, the young cop hoped to bring down the perpetrator off the record. Likely, this was just to prove that he could stand on his own two feet without help from the family. However, as the police commissioner reminded him, Hill was still an officer and Frank was still his superior. They both had to follow protocol and that meant cooperating with the investigation.

After recapturing and prosecuting Estevez for assaulting an officer, Blue Bloods patriarch Frank stopped by Hill’s apartment. Along with the news of the criminal’s status, the police commissioner also gave him a photo of Joe Reagan, Hill’s deceased father. Finally, Hill seemed to recognize the goodness that comes with the Reagan name and asked to be a part of the next family dinner.

“Bring the dessert,” the Blue Bloods grandfather said before exiting the apartment.