‘Blue Bloods’: Frank Faces Down a Mob in Upcoming Episode

by Shelby Scott

“Blue Bloods” returns next Friday, debuting season 12’s fifteenth episode, “Where We Stand.” And while Outsiders always love to see a good, action-packed episode, things are sure to go awry as Frank Reagan faces down a mob by himself.

As per CarterMatt, the fictional mob will form around One Police Plaza when the series airs its next episode. As such, Frank finds himself in a difficult position, and we’re anxious to know what comes next. Check out the intense clip below.

Keeping the majority of the “Blue Bloods” episode under wraps, the preview is just under 10 seconds long. However, the soundtrack and the rapid-fire frames that feature within those seconds promise things could get ugly for Frank within the new episode.

Regardless, the news outlet predicts the “Blue Bloods” character will likely confront the crowd himself and try to work out a peaceful compromise. Additionally, it’s likely the new episode will center around the current sentiments toward law enforcement.

Further, despite the intense situation, when asked how many officers he wants with him, Frank crisply replies, “One.”

Presumably, that’s going to be just Frank and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that all ends well for the “Blue Bloods” patriarch. Be sure to tune in to CBS this Friday at 10 p.m. EST to catch Frank Reagan, and maybe the rest of the family, as he takes on one angry crowd.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actor Tom Selleck Reflects On Marriage

While Frank Reagan remains single over on “Blue Bloods,” his actor, film icon Tom Selleck, is happily married to Jillie Mack. Together since 1987, Selleck believes that marriage just gets “more satisfying” with time.

Interestingly, while Frank Reagan is an upfront individual, unafraid to express his thoughts and share his advice, Tom Selleck, at least in the 1980s, lacked those same skills.

The “Blue Bloods” star met Mack when he starred in “Magnum P.I.” and his wife had been in London working on a production of “Cats.”

Upon first meeting her, Selleck was actually rather shy. He admitted, “I was hemming and hawing, and she finally asked, ‘Do you want to meet for a cocktail?'” Thank goodness for strong, confident women, otherwise who knows how long the “Blue Bloods” star would have rambled for?

A few years down the line, and presumably a couple of cocktails later, Mack married the “Blue Bloods” actor, away from the eyes of the media. Now, years after their vows, the couple continues to maintain a relatively private life, growing avocados on their own personal farm.

In speaking to his marriage contemporarily, Selleck believes their marriage has gotten stronger. Logically, he shared with Closer Magazine, “I don’t think the infatuation stage of any relationship lasts forever, but it can grow into something.”

He explained, “It just grows more satisfying. You become true partners.”