‘Blue Bloods’: Frank Reagan Actor Tom Selleck Explains His Unique Relationship With On-Screen Children in 2017 Interview

by Keeli Parkey

In 2017, the cast of “Blue Bloods” came together to celebrate the hit CBS show’s 150th episode. During this interview with 92nd Street Y, Tom Selleck, one of the show’s stars, talked about his relationships with his on-screen children.

Selleck, of course, plays New York City Police Department Commissioner Frank Reagan. He is the son of Henry “Pop” Reagan, a former commission himself, who is played by Len Cariou. Some of Frank’s children have gone on to have careers in the NYPD themselves. Their family legacy is one of service to New York City.

However, being part of the Reagan family has not meant that Frank’s children have had it easy. Nepotism is not a word you can use to describe this fictional family.

“The cool aspect of the story is something that Tom has embraced and embodied,” Jamie Reagan actor Will Estes said during the 2017 panel. “He’s determined not to show his sons any favoritism. …”

Actress Bridget Moynahan, who plays another Reagan child on the show then chimed in. Her character Erin Reagan is an assistant district attorney.

“I mean, the (Reagan) name can be a curse and a blessing at times,” Moynahan explained.

Tom Selleck Said His Character On ‘Blue Bloods’ ‘Doesn’t Show Favoritism To His Sons’

With two of the actors who play his on-screen children having their say, it was time for Tom Selleck to share his thoughts on this part of the “Blue Bloods” story. He started his comments by talking about how he felt it was important that some scenes did not take place in Frank Reagan’s office at police headquarters.

“I used to say, ‘We can’t – he can’t – do the scene in my office,” Selleck explained. “It’s on the 14th floor of (One Police Plaza). One of his sons will ride up in an elevator, the whole building will know he’s got a private meeting with the commissioner. So, we started that way. We break the rules sometimes.”

In fact, “Blue Bloods” star Tom Selleck described Frank Reagan’s unwillingness to show favoritism to his sons as “a fault.”

“For Frank – actors love faults, otherwise everybody’s too perfect – and Frank certainly has them. He really, to a fault, doesn’t show favoritism to his sons,” Selleck explained. “In some ways, we’ve done episodes where it has been demonstrated to him that the rest of the force are really holding these talented policemen back because they don’t want to offend Frank.”

Interestingly, Selleck said his character turns to his daughter Erin “for special treatment.”

You can watch Tom Selleck and the rest of the cast of “Blue Bloods” talk about the show and its 150th episode during 2017 below. Selleck’s comments about his relationship with his on-screen children begin just after the 9-minute mark of the video.