‘Blue Bloods’: Frank Reagan’s Commissioner Uniform Leaves Fans Questioning His Variety in Outfit Choices

by Keeli Parkey

As the commissioner of the New York City Police Department, “Blue Bloods” character Frank Reagan is a model of calmness and consistency. The man really knows how to handle a crisis.

Of course, he has had his times of stress and angry outbursts during the show’s many seasons. However, Frank is nothing if not steady – both on the job and with his family.

In addition to the level head he brings to his life and work, Frank, who is played by Tom Selleck in the hit CBS television series, is very consistent in another way. And, this quality has been noticed by fans of “Blue Bloods.”

What fans have noticed still says a lot about the respected “Blue Bloods” character, Frank Reagan. Fans have noticed that the clothing Frank wears is very similar from one day to the next. They discussed this topic in a Reddit thread titled, “The lack of variety in the commissioner’s wardrobe.”

In starting the discussion, user 6ftUndertaker wrote: “I hope I’m not alone in this feeling. But I feel like I never see any variation (in) what the commissioner wears. He’s ALWAYS in a 3-piece suit and some sort of regimental stripe tie and it drives me insane because he has to be the highest-paid person in the NYPD and (absolutely) no variety at all. I feel like she wears only 3 different ties. Let me know if you feel the same way thank you.”

There was a least one fan of “Blue Bloods” who agreed with this assessment of Frank’s wardrobe. “I agree, he needs a serious upgrade, but at the same time, his wardrobe is a classic look,” DaddysPrincesss26 also posted.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Argue That Frank’s Clothes Reflect Who He Is As a Person

There were also “Blue Bloods” fans who said Frank’s clothing choices are an extension of who he is.

“It’s on point for his (character). He loves the classics and doesn’t really like all the people focusing on what is politically best or will get the best response. He likes what he likes and he doesn’t care what people think of his clothes (because) he knows he’s fabulous,” Reddit user felixtheleopardgecko also posted.

Wearing a similar wardrobe at work allows Frank Reagan to continue to wear a uniform when is on the job. Or, so argues user __banned_.

“Men like him often wear a uniform,” this response said. “For him specifically he was a career police officer and literally he was used to wearing a uniform. … That uniform may change to a suit or khakis and a polo, but you’ll often see them pretty much in the same thing all the time. …”

This fan said he saw his own father wear a similar wardrobe during his professional career. “About the only thing notable was he had white and light blue shirts and mixed those up probably depending on the suit. He generally wore ties similar to what you see on the Commissioner,” he added.

Will Frank Reagan add some variety to his wardrobe in the future? Fans will just have to tune in to season 12 to find out. The new season will debut on Oct. 1.