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‘Blue Bloods’ Takes Friday Crown with Biggest Audience in This Week’s Ratings

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Best Available Screengrab ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

One CBS crime drama came out big in the Friday ratings this week. Blue Bloods had the largest audience out of all shows to start the weekend. While the show takes a break before the next new episode on November 5, it heads into the bye week on a high note.

The crime drama had to compete against some popular programming. WWE Friday Night SmackDown on Fox was the winner in the demo competition Friday night. The show took home the 18-49 and 18-24 demos, proving once again to be a top show on the night.

However, Blue Bloods led the way for a good night for CBS with 5.78 million views. The drama lineup had good ratings across the board. It was a night full of views. SWAT brought in 4.4 million pairs of eyes while Magnum PI caught the attention of 4.82 million viewers. They were able to compete and outpace ABC’s Shark Tank and 20/20 and NBC’s Dateline.

Starring Donnie Wahlberg, the CBS crime drama is one of the most popular shows on Fridays. The latest episode featured quite a big moment. Janko is now without a partner following a very intense incident. Rachel Witten is gone. Almost six million viewers watched the drama-filled episode. The implications could reverberate throughout the rest of the season.

‘Blue Bloods’ Rachel Witten is Out After Situation in the Park

Things started going bad for the Blue Bloods character when an incident happened in the park. A homeless woman was being assaulted by a man and Witten and Janko got involved. They stopped anything from happening and took the suspect into custody. Then things got tense with Witten and the victim.

The woman was not wanting to talk or work with the police. She was very hesitant to speak at all with Witten. After insisting on working with the officer, Witten is thanked with a spit on her face. The homeless woman was bleeding from her forehead. Eventually, Witten got her to her feet and got some assistance for her. “Whether you like it or not,” the NYPD officer said.

At this point, Witten is just not okay with the situation at all. She is also at her wit’s end and ready to leave the badge behind. She put in her resignation. Since making the return to service, Witten has become more and more discouraged. Things have not gone her way and the interactions she has had in recent weeks have sent her over the edge.

Even officers on Blue Bloods can only take so much. No amount of convincing from her partner Janko could change her mind. The decision had been made. The drama continues in a couple of weeks on CBS.