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‘Blue Bloods’: Was This the Funniest Season 3 Moment?

by Megan Molseed
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Most people love a good joke. However, dark humor can hit an audience in different ways. Sometimes it goes too far. Other times it serves as a tool to make light of a grim situation. Sure, the joke may still be off-putting to an extent. But it certainly helps to release tensions in a situation that may be wrought with uncomfortable feelings.

This type of humor is called gallows humor. Of course, this type of humor is often used by people who regularly work in fields that deal with tragedy or disturbing situations; such as law enforcement officers.

So, it’s no surprise that the hit CBS police procedural series Blue Bloods sometimes includes comedy that would fall within this category. The Reagan family, each of whom works within the law enforcement field to some extent, often face some dark and bleak situations. So, a well-placed joke can sometimes make the grim moments a little easier to handle.

Danny Breaks Out His Best/Worst Humor In a Third Season Episode

It is precisely this type of moment that Blue Bloods fans saw during a third season episode titled Inside Jobs. In this episode, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) and his team come across a dead body. The situation gets even more cringe-worthy when a dead rat is discovered in the victim’s pants. It’s a disturbing scene, no doubt. But Wahlberg’s Blue Bloods character can’t help but crack a few jokes as he holds up the dead rodent.

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During this uncomfortably hilarious scene, Danny Reagan asks the team if the rat had any last words or identification. Of course, a witness on the scene points out that the Blue Blood detective is being crass with these decidedly off-putting jokes. But, the moment serves its purpose, helping to make an intense situation a little less unbearable.

Of course, the discovery of the rat in the victim’s pants is key to solving the case. It is also a pretty funny addition with the rat inside the victim’s pants. Perhaps the writers were focused on creating some of this gallows humor from the jump? The scene is topped off with the ultimate moment of dark humor when Danny’s partner tells the rat to “say cheese” when photographing the rodent.

‘Blue Bloods’ Approaches a Monumental Moment

While Danny Reagan’s rat jokes happened in a third season episode of the hit CBS police drama, the series continued for several years. In fact, Blue Bloods is about to hit a major milestone as the series will soon air its 250th episode.

Not much information has been released regarding the synopsis of this big moment. However, a date has officially been set! Viewers can expect to tune in to the Blue Bloods 250th on Friday, March 11 at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central.