‘Blue Bloods’: Garrett Moore Actor Gregory Jbara Revealed How Tom Selleck Got Him the Role

by Megan Molseed

Garrett Moore might be Frank Reagan’s right-hand man as the New York City Deputy Commissioner of Public Information. But, did you know that the actor got his Blue Bloods role as the deputy to Reagan’s Pollice Commissioner thanks to Tom Selleck, the actor who portrays his on-screen boss?

“The truth is I got hired because Tom said, ‘I want Greg Jbara to play the role,'” Blue Bloods actor Gregory Jbara said of his role on the hit CBS police drama series.

In fact, notes Jbara, he and Tom Selleck have quite a long history working together on screen.

A connection Jbara says eventually lead to his role on Blue Bloods.

“Tom and I had over twenty years of professional history together having started working together on the film In & Out,” Jbara said of his on-screen history with Tom Selleck.

‘Blue Bloods’ Stars Have A Long History On-Screen

According to Jbara’s interview with Starry Mag, he and Tom Selleck worked on a couple of other television series together.

However, they didn’t take off as well as the fan-favorite Blue Bloods has taken off.

Blue Bloods is actually the third TV drama that Tom has given me,” Jbara says.

Gregory Jbara portrays Frank Reagan’s go-to man on Blue Bloods.

Helping the New York City Police Commissioner complete the many duties he faces while holding the distinguished position on the force.

Not only is Jbara’s Moore the Deputy Commissioner of Public Information in the office over the last eleven seasons of Blue Bloods, but he’s also Reagan’s chief of staff.

A former reporter, Moore knows what to do when it comes to handling Frank’s public connections; as well as any press conferences that may be necessary concerning the New York City Police Commissioner’s office.

Frank Reagan Knows Moore Has What It Takes

With his experience with the press before taking his positions in the New York City Police Commissioner’s office, Moore had previously been overlooked when it came to positions such as the one he now holds.

However, Frank Reagan saw past this and knew Moore would bring a lot to the office of Deputy Commissioner of Public Information.

Additionally, Frank Reagan knew Moore’s valuable experience in the press would be when it comes to helping the police commissioner deal with the public – and other officials – in Blue Bloods.

“I don’t know where he got this insane perception of me as an actor,” Jbara jokes of his costar.

“But gratefully he considers me someone that he likes to work with and has repeatedly called on me and offered me opportunities,” the actor adds of his friendship with his Blue Bloods costar.

Jbara says that landing the role in the acclaimed CBS series has been a great experience.

“This one just happened to be one that we both could ride for eleven seasons now,” Gregory Jabara says of the opportunity he and Selleck found on Blue Bloods. “Which is like Christmas every day for a working actor!”