‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s the Movies, Shows Where You’ve Seen the ‘Abigail Baker’ Actress

by John Jamison

Detective Abigail Baker, portrayed by Abigail Hawk on the long-running police drama “Blue Bloods,” is the gatekeeper for Commissioner Frank Reagan. Nobody speaks to Tom Selleck’s character without first getting her approval.

And familiar as Hawk may look, having appeared in 207 episodes since the show started in 2010, she’s had an interesting acting journey.

Abigail Hawk was relatively inexperienced when “Blue Bloods” came along. As a 10-year old, the Abigail Baker actress landed a role on a children’s show called “Reality Check.” The short-lived series lasted only 14 episodes and featured a yet unknown Ryan Seacrest. That’s right – the eventual host of “American Idol” and “Kelly and Ryan.”

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better nostalgic example of 1990s TV than the intro to the show. Abigail Hawk is featured in the clip, along with the nearly unrecognizable Ryan Seacrest.

After “Reality Check” in 1995, the eventual “Blue Bloods” star fell off the acting map after taking some time to grow up and go to school. It wasn’t until 2006, 10 years later, that she would play another TV or film role.

This time, she was doing some episodic work on the fitting “Law & Order: SVU.” She only appeared in one episode as a paramedic in 2006, but getting a role on the long-running procedural is considered a rite of passage for New York-based actors.

Then, she played the small part of a protester in the 2007 Beatles-driven musical “Across the Universe.”

From there, she went on to another small part in a 2008 feature called “The Unidentified.” A year later? Boom. She’s in a recurring role on “Blue Bloods.”

Abigail Hawk Grew Into Her Role on ‘Blue Bloods’

Abigail Hawk’s Detective Baker was not featured as heavily early on in the “Blue Bloods” run. And while she had landed a major role, Hawk herself was still building her confidence. But as she grew, so too did her character on the show.

In a 2019 interview with The Actor’s Audience, the “Blue Bloods” star talked about what it was like to be a part of the show.

“It’s thrilling. You know, I feel like Baker and I have matured together. You know, we have grown into confident women together,” Hawk said. “And it’s been really exciting. I mean, I became a mom two times over on the show. And it’s really made me who I am today.”

Since first appearing on “Blue Bloods,” Abigail Hawks has starred in the 2016 comedy “Almost Paris,” a TV movie called “A Christmas in Vermont” opposite Chevy Chase, and you may also recognize her from the more recent action thriller “Assault on VA-33.”