‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s the Shows Where You’ve Seen the ‘Eddie Janko’ Actress

by Halle Ames

Where else have you seen our beloved Eddie Janko character besides rocking a police uniform on the hit series “Blue Bloods?”

Edit “Eddie” Janko may be a bad*ss New York police officer on Blue Bloods, but the 39-year-old actress is actually from sunny California. Played by Vanessa Ray, she actually is similar to her Blue Bloods character when it comes to one aspect.

According to “Blue Bloods” TV Fandom, like in almost every show, Eddie Janko falls for her partner Jamie Reagan. After a messy courtship, the two eventually get married. Janko originally tried to hyphenate her last name but ultimately decided to be Officer Janko at work and Mrs. Reagan at home.

Similarly, actress Vanessa Ray has kept her maiden name. However, she professionally goes by her first and middle name. Her full name is Vanessa Ray Liptak. In Eddie Janko fashion, she has kept her work and professional life separate. Well, at least for the title.

Ray was married to Derek Baynham for six years, but in 2009 the two called it quits. By 2015, she found love again and married musician Landon Beard.

‘Blue Bloods’ Actress Filmography

Furthermore, what other shows have we seen Vanessa Ray on? The “Blue Bloods” actress is no stranger to the big screen, starring in nearly 30 different TV shows and movies.

According to IMDb, Ray made her acting debut in 2003 in a video short titled “The Sparky Chronicles: The Map.” A year later, she appeared in another short as Steph in “Is He….”

It wasn’t until 2008 that Vanessa Ray appeared in her first film as Kartina in “Finding Chance”. In the upcoming years, her star status skyrocketed.

Over the next decade, the “Blue Bloods” actress has been featured in plenty of notable shows and movies. So, if you thought she looked familiar, you were probably correct.

In 2009, Ray played Claudia on the TV series “Bored to Death”. She has also been on “The Battery’s Down,” Tessa Marchetti on “Damages,” “Nice Guy Johnny,” Teri Ciccone on “As the World Turns,” “White Collar,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Trust Me,” “Girls,” and “Now Waving But Drowning.”

Some of her more recent and popular accolades include her portrayal of Jenny Griffith on “Suits,” “Frances Ha,” CeCe Drake on the hit show “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Last Day of August,” “The Right Not to Know,” and “The Mentalist”.

In our best infomercial voice…”But wait, there’s more!”

The “Blue Bloods” officer made the cut for “Mutual Friends,” “Wisdom Teeth,” “Devil’s Due,” “Are You Joking?” “My Day,” “All in Time,” “The Rumperbutts,” “Serialized,” and finally, as our beloved Eddie Janko in “Blue Bloods.”

Sheesh! As we said, her claim to fame isn’t a small one!