‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s When We Can Likely Expect More Details About Upcoming Season 12

by Megan Molseed

As we approach the latter part of the summer, many of us are excited about what the next season means: fall premieres! Among the most anticipated fall premieres is that of the popular CBS police procedural, “Blue Bloods.”

As of now, little is known at this point about the upcoming season twelve premiere episode of “Blue Bloods” beyond its scheduled October 1 date. So, information about the entire season likely won’t’ be available for at least a few weeks. However, there are a few bits and pieces of information that we do know so far. The CBS drama’s producers have announced the premiere episode is currently entitled “Hate is Hate.”

Also, according to reports, the episode will more than likely include all of the main characters we have grown to love in primary storylines. This is pretty much a given. We can also expect one of the famous “Blue Bloods” family dinner scenes. These scenes have become something for which the series is famous. And, it’s very unlikely the upcoming season will change this. The formula has worked so well for the last eleven seasons. So, chances are the “Blue Bloods” producers aren’t going to be mixing things up along these lines. Especially this far into the game.

Could We Expect Another “Blue Bloods” Two-Parter?

Season eleven of the popular series ended in a two-part episode that did well with viewers. One thing that viewers seemed to respond to with this unique format was that it gave the audience more time to witness members of the Reagan family as they work together in the field. While each episode of “Blue Bloods” brings the Reagan clan together in the infamous dinner scenes, fans always seem to enjoy the opportunity to catch the family members as they interact in their daily lives.

A Multigenerational Dedication to Law Enforcement

“Blue Bloods” is a multi-generational police procedural drama that features Tom Selleck as New York Police Commissioner Frank Reagan. The series follows Frank and his three children Danny, Jamie, and Erin as they navigate New York City Law enforcement. Donnie Wahlberg portrays Frank’s older son, New York Police Detective Danny Reagan. Jamie, a New York City Police Sargeant is portrayed by Will Estes, and Bridget Moynahan plays Erin. Erin serves as the Bureau Chief for the District Attorney.

Since the finale, “Blue Bloods” cast and production crew have stayed fairly silent regarding what sort of storylines we can expect for the Reagan clan as the new season begins. And, according to online commentators, Matt and Jess, CBS didn’t reveal any “Blue Bloods” season eleven information until a little less than a month prior to the premiere. So, the online duo states, chances are there will be little info released about season twelve. At least not for a few more weeks, at least.