‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s Who’s Returning to Guest Star on Next Week’s Episode

by Megan Molseed

The twelfth season of Blue Bloods has just started. And, as the season begins fans see that Frank Reagan has already gone toe-to-toe with New York City’s Mayor, Peter Chase.

In last Friday evening’s season-twelve premiere episode of the hit CBS television drama, New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan finds himself with his hands full as New York City crime rates continue to soar.

Reagan also finds his efforts to stamp out the rising crime rates being quelled by Mayor Chase who is portrayed by former Law and Order actor, Dylan Walsh.

From the Blue Bloods premiere episode, it is clear that the issues between the New York City Commissioner and the New York City Mayor are not ones that will be resolved easily.

So, what does this mean for the Peter Chase character going forward?

Will Blue Bloods fans be seeing a lot more of the guest-star as the season continues?

It sure looks like it. At least for a while.

‘Blue Bloods’ Chase and Reagan Find Themselves at Odds

According to Showbiz Junkies, Dylan Walsh will be returning to Blue Bloods for at least one more episode as his Mayor Peter Chase and Frank Reagan’s New York City Police Commissioner work out their issues over how to address the uptick in New York City crime.

Introduced in the tenth season of Blue Bloods, Peter Chase came into the New York City mayor’s office as a sort of “law and order” mayor due to his hard stance on crime.

However, as Blue Bloods season twelve begins, Frank Reagan believes that Chase is losing his edge along these lines.

Frank wants a direct approach…feet on the ground and transparency with the media while mayor Chase’s approach is very different.

He has made cuts to the New York City Police Departments giving Frank fewer resources…and he thinks much of the information should stay out of the press, so as not to make the city look bad.

“You took away anti-crime. You cut my numbers in the field and in the budget,” Frank tells Peter in the Friday evening Blue Bloods season twelve premiere.

“I had no choice,” mayor Chase replies. “You don’t go to war with the army you want, you go to war with the army you have.”

Mayor Chase Wants to Focus on Answers – Not Headlines

Mayor Chase notes that he would like Frank Reagan to give the media less information during conferences; in order to keep the scary headlines at bay.

“We’re just getting back on our feet and you want to scare away tourists,” the mayor says. “Your job out there was to answer questions. Not to supply reporters with headlines.”

The second episode of the Blue Bloods twelfth season is entitled Times Like These.

The October 8 episode finds the tensions continuing between the two. Especially after Reagan makes an arrest that ends up going viral.