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‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s Why Amy Carlson Left the Show

by Joe Rutland
(Photo: Jojo Whilden ©2011 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved)

A few seasons ago, Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg’s character saw his on-screen wife Amy Carlson leave the show. Why did she do it?

Carlson played Linda Reagan opposite Wahlberg’s own Danny Reagan. The actress added a solid character to the show itself. Blue Bloods had a great storyline going. So, what gives? We get a little insight from CBR.

It all came down to her contract expiring and Carlson did not re-up for another season. She talked about it in an interview with Deadline. “I feel badly that she dies the way she dies,” she said. “I did not know they would do that, I was surprised. (And) I wouldn’t have done that.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Character Dies In Helicopter Crash Off-Screen

Linda Carlson died in a helicopter crash and it was off-screen. That means the Blue Bloods character just did not show up again in Season 8. Yes, we do see Danny go through a lot of different emotions and feelings after Linda’s death.

But you do see Danny dealing with this in the show. There are times his tempestuous emotions get the better of him. At times, they get stuck on him while going through grief. It is understandable.

Upon Linda’s death, Danny became a single parent to sons Jack and Sean. Linda happened to be an emergency room nurse at St. Victor’s Hospital. The show takes place in New York City, so that’s where the hospital was located.

Linda Reagan Finds Herself Not Part of Police Department-Focused Group

If you do remember her, then you know that she was not a part of law enforcement. It seems like every character on the show has a tie to it. Well, it is true. Outside of Erin Reagan, a lot of the Blue Bloods is NYPD officers. Heck, even Erin has a piece in the law…as the Assistant District Attorney.

It’s interesting, though, that Linda would have intermittent involvement with the police. One time, she happened to be treating someone who was the witness to a shooting. Not just any shooting, but that of NYPD Assistant Chief Donald Kent.

She was busy getting him talent care of when the shooting broke out. Linda is hit by a bullet while her patient dies from a gunshot wound. Yes, sadly, the patient died. Linda deals with issues after being shot herself.

This is not the first time a TV show has killed off a character. It has been done before and will be done again. The fact is this character is so well-liked by many viewers. Seeing her die did take them by surprise. Blue Bloods does roll on and new episodes are now airing on the popular police drama.