‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s Why Fans Are Questioning Abigail Baker’s Role in the Series

by Jennifer Shea

“Blue Bloods” character Abigail Baker (Abigail Hawk) is a bit of a cipher.

She’s an NYPD detective who serves as chief aide to NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). But she doesn’t get many lines, and indeed, as fans recently pointed out, her primary role seems to be to show people into Reagan’s office.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans debated Baker’s role in the series and picked apart some of the character’s key traits and decisions.

‘Blue Bloods’ Fans Debate Abigail Baker’s Role

One fan kicked the thread off by wondering what exactly it is that Baker does. The fan acknowledged that some people really like the character but said there doesn’t seem to be much there in the way of personality or character development.

“Stupid question but what IS Baker’s job!?” the fan posted. “I’ve honestly never known. I’ve watched since season 4 and I still don’t know what her job is other than showing people into Frank’s office which led me to believe she was a receptionist until finally I heard something about her being a detective. Was she ever given more screen time than she has since season 4 lol, cause she seems to show people into Frank’s office and have maybe one line.”

Another fan chimed in helpfully with her rank – detective, 1st grade – and pointed out that she’s the only one of his security detail to sit in on policy meetings with the DCPI and Gormley.

Others weren’t so sure, guessing based on her appearances that she’s an administrative assistant. But other fans praised Baker’s “robotic nature,” saying it’s necessary for her job.   

“I’ve always thought her role as an administrative assistant didn’t make sense with her history of being a 1st grade detective,” another fan replied. “It makes more sense to think she’s in charge of his security detail and some of these other duties you sited.”

Series Is Back With Season 12

Meanwhile, “Blue Bloods” fans can look forward to Season 12 of the show later this year. The series’ showrunner has said in interviews that they weren’t sure CBS was going to renew “Blue Bloods” for Season 12 at first. When they wrote the Season 11 finale, they were preparing for it to be the series finale, as well. Luckily, though, CBS came through, renewing the show this past April.

And “Blue Bloods” has already begun shooting Season 12, if the social media posts of star Donnie Wahlberg are any guide. In the wake of his birthday, Wahlberg posted a hilarious clip to Twitter of a production assistant filling in for him on set as the cast rehearsed a scene.

“When you’re busy tweeting on your bday, while shooting @BlueBloods_CBS, so they have a P.A. play your role in a scene in your place,” Wahlberg tweeted. “Great work Sharkey. Guess we’ll be watching you Friday nights this fall.”

Fans can watch the whole “Blue Bloods” crew, including Baker, starting on Oct. 1.