‘Blue Bloods’: Here’s Why Fans Want ‘Flashbacks’ of the Reagan Siblings in the Upcoming Seasons

by Joe Rutland

“Blue Bloods” fans are not shy about what they want to see from the CBS police drama. What they want are “flashbacks” in the future.

Say what? Well, according to a Reddit thread, they want to see “flashbacks” that show the Reagan kids when they were younger. The thread is titled “Flashbacks of the Reagan Siblings”. It all gets started by one fan writing, “Will we get to see the Reagan Siblings (Danny, Joe, Erin, and Jamie) as children in a flashback episode next season?”

Another “Blue Bloods” fan wrote, “I would like (to) see more about Jamie’s past as a lawyer. Maybe even see him use that Harvard Law degree.”

In reply to that post, a Redditor replied, “One of my favorite scenes is Jamie dropping his Harvard law alumni card on the desk.” That prompted another reply, “Jamie never practiced law. He decided right out of law school to go into law enforcement.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Fan Wants to See Them in Show’s 12th Season

One “Blue Bloods” fan stated their desire regarding the “flashbacks”. The Redditor wrote, “I been waiting the whole series to see that”. Another chirped up and said, “We should see it in the 12th season”.

Well, one more Redditor said, “I think I remember reading that the showrunners won’t allow flashbacks”.

While everybody waits to see if “flashbacks” happen this season or next season, what we do know is “Blue Bloods” returns for a 12th season.

CBS will have the police drama in its familiar Friday night timeslot at 10 p.m. Eastern, 9 p.m. Central. Tom Selleck returns as NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan. Oh, who plays these “siblings” on the show? Glad you asked.

Donnie Wahlberg portrays Detective Danny Reagan, Bridget Moynahan plays Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan, and Will Estes is Sergeant Jamie Reagan. Joe Reagan, who is Frank’s second son, was murdered by another police officer.

Catch the season opener for “Blue Bloods” on Oct. 1.

Estes Called Cops, Detectives in Uniform ‘Quintessential Heroes’

Will Estes told Men’s Journal in an interview that one thing he really wanted to do in his career was playing a police officer on TV.

“They say that all songs are love songs,” Estes, who has been on “Blue Bloods” since its first season, said. “I think 90 percent of great stories are stories about heroes. And I think a cop in a uniform or a detective in a suit is a quintessential hero.”

Estes finds that “it’s about justice.”

“Justice is often a really interesting story, and there are a lot of different stories within the element of right and wrong and where you draw the line and the gray area,” Estes said. “They make for good stories.”