‘Blue Bloods’ Star Hilariously Detailed the Time a Fan Approached Him to Say He Looked ‘Lot Smaller in Person’

by Evan Reier

They say the camera adds 10 pounds, but did it also add a few more inches for one of Blue Bloods lead actors? For one fan, yes.

Actors and celebrities looking different in person is always a common occurrence. Angles, editing and the “magic of television” shift and form the human body in many ways. But it may not be the best idea to tell the actors themselves how different they look if you catch them in person.

Blue Bloods star Will Estes, who plays Jamie Reagan on the show, sat down with Glitter Magazine back in February. During the interview, Estes was asked if he had any special interactions with fans. Estes immediately jumped to an interaction he had on a filming day.

“My favorite is probably when a big fellow came up and stood about 6 feet from us as we were about to shoot,” Estes said. “He was talking loudly on his cell phone in what I would call a strong New York meets Gonzo from Sesame Street accent.”

If that’s not a setup for an excellent story, I’m not sure what is. But before the boisterous fan made the comment leading to our headline, the guy essentially insulted Estes’ costar Vanessa Ray. Ray portrays Eddie, who is Jamie’s partner on the show.

He said something like, ‘Yeah, I’m standing right here in front of them… Yeah. Yeah, it’s Jamie Reagan and his partner… I can’t remember her name.’ Which was, obviously, a crumby thing to say so loud about an actor right in front of them, so Vanessa and I got a big kick out of that.”

At least the Blue Bloods stars have a good sense of humor. However, the real kicker for Estes was what came next.

Blue Bloods Fan Tells Will Estes Something Kind of Rude

As if it wasn’t enough to backhand one Blue Bloods actor, the fan had a little something for Estes too.

“As I was ceremoniously consoling Vanessa (which she didn’t really need),” Estes continued. “He had sidestepped around and come right up next to us- as I turned he said to me loud enough for everyone ‘You’re a lot smaller in person.'”

Sheesh. For reference, Estes is 5’10”, which is above the average height for American males. While Jamie is no slouch on the show, he also isn’t the biggest guy, so we’re curious what the fan was seeing.

Either way, it was just another chance for Ray and Estes to crack up.

“Then it was Vanessa’s turn at the schadenfreude,” the Blue Bloods star said. “And me who needed the bruised ego tended. Anyway, we still laugh about it. I think he was genuine and completely oblivious, which is why it was so funny.”

Well, that’s certainly better than doing it on purpose.