‘Blue Bloods’: How Friday’s Episode Marked Major Step for Eddie and Jamie

by Joe Rutland

Finding their “love language” individually provided a major step for both Eddie and Jamie in the most recent episode of “Blue Bloods.”

Eddie, played by Vanessa Ray, proposed that she and her husband Jamie, played by Will Estes, find out a little more about each other. How would this work out? Both of them discovered what their “love language” was on the CBS crime drama’s episode, according to PopCulture.

Before doing so, Eddie decides to use the quiz while working to solve a couples’ dispute at the police precinct. Jamie didn’t like this idea, and told Eddie as much. “This is a police precinct,” Jamie said. “What’s next, do I look fat in these jeans?” This didn’t impress Eddie, who fired back on “Blue Bloods.”

‘Blue Bloods’ Characters Determine Their ‘Love Languages’ And Share Them

“I’m pretty sure your love language is physical touch, so here you go, lover,” she said. Eddie punches Jamie in the shoulder and leaves.

What happened next stunned Eddie. When she got home, Jamie had arranged for a tender evening dinner. He started flattering Eddie with numerous words. Ultimately, Eddie discovered that her “love language” was “words of affirmation.” Jamie said his was “acts of service.”

This piece of clarity between Eddie and Jamie helps them in their marriage. It also provides an additional boost to the storyline on “Blue Bloods.”

The popular Friday night staple on CBS continues to let viewers watch the relationship between Jamie and Eddie unfold.

Show’s Family Dinner Scenes Are Important To Tom Selleck

Regular viewers of “Blue Bloods” know that the Reagans gather around the dinner table in each episode. Sometimes, Frank delivers some hardcore truths to others. Frank is NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck.

Why are the dinner scenes so imoprtant to Selleck in the show?

“Look, I love these people,” Selleck told “The Drew Barrymore Show.” “They’re all close friends. So we have a family reunion once a week on the show, but we also have a personal reunion and one sometimes gets in the way of the other. It’s great.”

For those who wonder if that’s dinner cast members eat at the table, it is. They incorporate the dinnertime scenes into the show. It makes for powerful, intimate moments between “Blue Bloods” cast members.

Selleck is taking part in yet another successful TV series on CBS. His first one? Obviously, we’re talking about him playing private investigator Thomas Magnum on “Magnum, P.I.” back in the day.