‘Blue Bloods’: How Long Does It Take to Film a Typical Season of the Show?

by Keeli Parkey

The popular CBS cop drama “Blue Bloods” brings a lot of drama and excitement to the small screen. As it follows the lives of the Reagan family, the show addresses a variety of topics – from police corruption, to the rights of suspects, to terrorism.

To cover such a wide variety of topics, not to mention covering the many goings-on of the members of the Reagan family, the series needs to air a lot of episodes. And filming so many episodes takes a lot of time, according to one of the stars of the show.

This, of course, wasn’t the case during the global COVID-19 pandemic. The production of “Blue Bloods” was impacted just like everything else on the planet. However, during a typical season, the cast and crew of “Blue Bloods” spend months and months working on just one season of the show.

Actress Marisa Ramirez, who plays Detective Maria Baez in “Blue Bloods,” talked about the filming schedule of the popular family cop drama during a 2017 interview with the SUP Creative Group. During the interview, Ramirez is asked: “How long does the show film?”

With her answer, the actress explains that it usually takes quite a long time to put together a season of “Blue Bloods.”

“We have a long schedule because we do around 26 episodes,” Ramirez said of the drama. “So we will work for nine months, starting in July through the end of April.”

The tradition of starting filming a season of “Blue Bloods” during the month of July has continued in 2021. The cast and crew of the series returned to work on the show’s 12th season during July 2021. That season is set to debut on Friday, Oct. 1. The series is expected to continue to air at its 10 p.m. (ET) airtime again in its 12th season.

In addition to talking about the filming of a typical season of “Blue Bloods,” Detective Maria Baez actress Marisa Ramirez also talked about what she enjoys doing away from the set. Turns out, the famous actress enjoys something most of us do.

“Oh, I love to travel,” Ramirez shared in 2017. “I pack up my baby and we are off to new adventures.”

Her time away from the show allowed this “Blue Bloods” star to visit some of the most famous places in Europe.

“In the last break I was able to get away to Italy and Amsterdam,” Ramirez also shared. “They were two great trips!”

While she enjoys traveling, Ramirez also enjoys the time she spends on the “Blue Bloods” set. In fact, she once said that she and a co-star couldn’t keep themselves from laughing. That co-star is Donnie Wahlberg. He plays Detective Danny Reagan – the partner of Ramirez’s character.

“There have been times when Marisa and I laugh probably for an hour straight,” Donnie Wahlberg shared. “We might tell jokes between takes, or someone goofs up a line.”