‘Blue Bloods’: How Show’s Connection to ‘The Sopranos’ Was Crucial to Will Estes Becoming Jamie Reagan

by Megan Molseed

When Will Estes first checked out the “Blue Bloods” script he knew it was something he would be interested in immediately.

“I was more excited when I read this than anything I’ve read in a really long time,” Will Estes told Liveabout.com.

And that was before I knew who was attached to it,” he continued about the original “Blue Bloods” script. ”

Of course, the longtime “Blue Bloods” star is referring to Emmy-winning writers, Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green. The duo drew in the stars and the audiences to the hit CBS police procedural drama that the first year. The duo then exited the series at the end of season one.

Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green were largely known for their work on multiple episodes of the iconic crime drama ‘The Soprano’s.” In all, the duo penned 22 episodes of the wildly popular HBO saga.

As “Blue Bloods” hit the small screens in 2010, one of the CBS drama’s major selling points was the writers. The first season of “Blue Bloods” was even advertised as “from the Executive Producers of The Sopranos.”

This was the same selling point that inspired Will Estes to join the “Blue Bloods” cast.

However, despite their name-power being a major draw to the series, Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green’s time with “Blue Bloods” was short-lived.

Issues began when Burgess and Green started branching out in the show’s plot development. Traditionally, “Blue Bloods” is about the Reagan family dynamics. Each member of the family representing some level of the New York City Legal System.

A recent Looper article reports that the writers began writing the storylines in a way that strayed from the initial plan. The “Blue Bloods” storylines began to highlight the crimes and the criminals as well as the original Reagan family members and their own plotlines. According to the outlet, this did not sit well will the “powers-that-be” at CBS. Their focus was on keeping the series focused on the Reagan family. Developing the popular show as a true police procedural drama.

“The Soparano’s” – Always A Fan Favorite

Whatever the case, the former writers for “The Soprano’s” ended up being a big draw for the series. The writing duo brought us Will Estes as Jamie Reagan. They also certainly brought along viewership during the “Blue Bloods” premiere season. Having the ability to draw an audience with a connection; a connection to one of television’s most recognized shows is certainly one that will never hurt.

The Soprano’s starred the late James Gandolfini as primetime’s greatest anti-hero, Tony Soprano. Tony is the godfather to a modern New Jersey crime family. Tony struggles through his days balancing his role as a crime boss with that of a dedicated “family man” to his wife and two children. The series ended in 2007 in one of television’s greatest and most memorable finales.