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‘Blue Bloods’: How Star Tom Selleck Shattered Box Office Records in 1988

by Jennifer Shea
George Rose/Getty Images

These days, Tom Selleck may be famous for his television work – particularly “Blue Bloods” – but in 1988, he was a blockbuster movie star. The actor played the romantic lead in the box office smash “Three Men and a Baby,” which also starred Ted Danson, Steve Gutenberg and “Last Man Standing” actress Nancy Travis.

In fact, “Three Men and a Baby” became the top movie of the year by box office sales, according to CBS. It grossed over $165 million in the U.S. that year, outflanking all other films released in 1988.

Some other major films released in 1988 were “Die Hard,” “Beetlejuice,” “Who Framed Roger Rabbit,” “Mystic Pizza,” “Stand and Deliver” and “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.”

Tom Selleck Starred as a New York City Architect

In “Three Men and a Baby,” Selleck played Peter, an architect with a girlfriend who’s still seeing other women. His Manhattan roommates, actor Jack and cartoonist Michael, are also active bachelors. Shortly after Jack leaves town to shoot a movie abroad, Peter and Michael find their social life brought to a screeching halt with the arrival of an infant on their doorstep.

Jack had mentioned a package would be arriving for him. But he didn’t say it was a baby. Peter and Michael scramble to care for the infant, Mary, vowing to give Jack a piece of their minds when he gets back. Meanwhile, the men’s landlady drops off the actual package Jack was referring to. He’s holding onto it as a favor to a shady director friend.

It turns out the director is involved with drug dealers. And Peter and Michael mistakenly deliver the baby to them. That kicks off a madcap adventure that eventually also involves Jack, who returns from the shoot to learn he has a baby with one of his former co-stars. The actress dumped Mary at Jack’s door before coming to her senses. In the end, Peter winds up finding happiness in a surprising place. And the drug dealers get what they deserve.

‘Blue Bloods’ Just Wrapped Up Season 11

“Blue Bloods” recently finished its 11th season with a two-hour season finale that featured Frank Reagan’s (Selleck) grandson Joe Hill (Will Hochman). And according to showrunner Kevin Wade, for a little while there, they thought it was also going to be the series finale.

“We were told pretty early on, I think before Thanksgiving, that our season finale would be the last two episodes and would air back to back. Which I immediately took as they’re planning to wrap up the series,” Wade told Deadline recently. “So I started to think about how do we do something that could serve as a season finale but also if need be as a series finale.”

Fortunately, the network renewed the series for Season 12. So fans of Selleck’s – and his costars’ – work can look forward to more “Blue Bloods” in the future.