‘Blue Bloods’: How to Watch the Series Before Season 12 Debuts

by Clayton Edwards

Season 12 of Blue Bloods is coming sooner than you might think. It hits the airwaves on October 1st. So, if you’re a fan who is chomping at the bit to see what the Reagans do next, it could feel like forever. You may want to rewatch the series to fill the void over the next couple of months. On the other hand, if you’re new to the show or just fell behind on watching it, you have plenty of time to catch up. Either way, you’re in luck. There are a couple of ways to stream the hit cop drama right now.

If you want to binge Blue Bloods from the beginning, you can start on Hulu. The streaming service currently offers the first nine seasons of the hit series. More specifically, Hulu has the first nine seasons for American viewers with the basic ad-supported streaming option. If you have add-ons or live in a different market, your mileage may vary.

However, if you want to watch Blue Bloods from beginning to end, there’s another option. The only place to stream all eleven seasons of the cop drama is Paramount+. If you decide to go with Paramount’s streaming service, you will also get a small library of clips from the show.

So, if you’re brand new to Blue Bloods, a little behind on episodes, or just can’t wait until October to get your fix, one of those options will take care of you. Everyone could use a refresher on the goings-on of the Reagan family. After all, season 12 is going to be big.

What to Expect from the Upcoming Season of Blue Bloods

There are a handful of things to keep your eye out for in the 12th season of Blue Bloods.

One of those things is the fate of Joe Hill. Hill is the long-lost Reagan and has only been in a handful of episodes. However, he made a big impact with very little screen time. So, showrunners plan to keep the character on the show. But, they don’t know how much audiences will see of the new character. At one point, they planned to kill him off in season 10. Then, he went on to be a major player in last season’s finale. Showrunner Kevin Wade said that he wouldn’t be a “full-time” fixture on the show. Instead, they plan to bring him in when it suits the plot. So, we’ll have to wait and see how much time the newest addition to the Reagan clan gets.

Another thing to watch for is the potential retirement of Frank Reagan. He’s the head of the family and the NYPD commissioner. However, he has been at it for decades. In an interview between the tenth and eleventh seasons of Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck said that retirement is a possibility for his character.