‘Blue Bloods’: Is Baez On Her Way Out of the Show?

by Jonathan Howard

There has been a noticeable trend going on with Blue Bloods this season. It has fans wondering if Detective Maria Baez is on her way out.

While she has been a great partner for Danny throughout the series, Baez might not be around much longer. That is if you ask fans on Reddit. One user read the synopsis for the upcoming episode and then realized something…where has Baez been this season?

So, of course, they took to the message board to ask questions. “Baez being ‘phased out?'” the title says. “May just be me, but doesn’t it seem like we’re seeing less and less of Baez? I kind of get the feeling she is going to leave the show. Tbh I think a new partner for Danny will freshen things up a bit.”

Surprisingly, not everyone rushed to agree with the take. While they have their reasons for believing the detective is on the way out, others said, not so fast.

There were plenty of “No, it’s just you,” reactions in the replies. Most of the comments seemed to disagree with the original post. Last episode of Blue Bloods we saw Anthony Abetemarco team up with Danny Reagan. So, is that a hint a new partner change is coming? Who is to say. While most replies disagreed, there was another user who brought evidence to prove that the post might be on the right track.

Here’s Why Baez Might Be Leaving the Show

Amid the negative responses was one user who thought the Baez theory was right.

“I think you might be on to something in the next episode the summary talks about Baez reconsidering her place in the NYPD,” they explained. Later they said, “I think it would be cool to send her undercover for a little while and bring in someone new.”

The original poster replied saying, “[Yeah] I saw that and then was like oh wait…she hasn’t really been around that much this season. Then I remembered an interview last year where the actress said she wanted to move back to CA. I’m kinda hoping for a new partner for Danny. Like a young spunky newly minted detective… I’m going to re-watch today.”

Those are all very valid reasons why Blue Bloods might get a shakeup soon.

‘Blue Bloods’ Could Eddie and Danny Get New Partners?

If Baez is leaving the show, even just for an undercover assignment, that means Danny is going to need a new partner. Again, this is all speculation, but it is fun to think about. Perhaps he gets paired up with a dirty cop and has to wrestle with some morals for a few episodes. Or, he might get a long-term partner.

Either way, Danny wouldn’t be the only one to get a new partner. Eddie is doing her best to get rid of the latest tag along she has been put with. While she isn’t on board with Luis Badillo, her husband, and Seargent, told her to deal with it. So, no changes yet for the Blue Bloods detective.