‘Blue Bloods’: Is Someone Out to Kill Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny Reagan?

by Leanne Stahulak

Next Friday’s episode of “Blue Bloods” doesn’t look too promising for Detective Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg. From the looks of the show’s latest promo video, someone’s painted a target on Danny’s back.

At the very end of the Friday, Nov. 5 episode, we saw a ten-second preview of what’s to come next week. In that preview, we see Danny visiting a grave (presumably his wife, Linda’s). A woman peeks at Danny from behind a few headstones, then pulls a gun out of her pocket. A voice-over says, “This detective, he’s the son of the police commissioner.”

On the words “police commissioner,” the “Blue Bloods” promo cuts to a brief shot of Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) in an elevator. Then it cuts to that same woman handcuffed in the station. And, most ominous of all, Danny’s brother Jamie (Will Estes) tells him, “You’re the cop she was supposed to kill.” Danny looks at him in disbelief right before the video ends.

There’s a lot to unpack in those brief ten seconds. It sounds like someone’s out to get either Danny or Frank. Danny might be the hit target, but based on that voiceover, the person the woman really wants to hurt is Frank. Could the police commissioner be responsible for hurting one of her own loved ones? Is this payback because Danny’s his son?

Luckily, Danny and several other “Blue Bloods” characters know how to handle themselves. Danny clearly survives his first assassination attempt, if the woman’s been arrested and he’s alive to talk to Jamie. The real question is what lengths the person in the voiceover will go to to make sure either Frank or Danny or both of them pay for the unknown transgression.

Check out the ten-second “Blue Bloods” promo for yourself below.

‘Blue Bloods’ Star Will Estes Calls Donnie Wahlberg Super ‘Engaging’ With Fans

Will Estes, the actor for Jamie Reagan on “Blue Bloods,” recently sat down with Looper to talk about the show. Estes revealed one interesting (but not surprising) fact about co-star Donnie Wahlberg, who plays Jamie’s brother Danny.

Apparently, Wahlberg’s built up a steady fanbase both from “Blue Bloods” and his boy band, New Kids on the Block. And part of the reason they love Wahlberg so much is because he really engages with them, according to Estes.

“They’ll show up at the crack of dawn in a crowd and wait half a day, a full day, just to see him and say hi,” Estes said. “And Donnie is something that I’ve never seen before and experienced.

“He just completely engages with people,” Estes said. “It’s really incredible. I almost didn’t know you could do that before I saw Donnie do it. But, you know, he’ll go out and talk to people and he’s friends with them and he’s one of the most engaging people I’ve ever seen with his fans.”