‘Blue Bloods’: Jamie Actor Will Estes Finds One Part of Police Work ‘Surprising’

by Jennifer Shea

“Blue Bloods” star Will Estes has learned a thing or two about police work from appearing on the show. And the most surprising thing he’s learned? Real police work is seldom like an action movie. In fact, oftentimes it can be quite dull.

“A lot of it is paperwork,” Estes said in a 2017 appearance at the 92nd Street Y. “That’s what they keep telling me. I said, you know, I asked, on and on, ‘I want to know all about these things,’ so I go to Jim, like everyone does, and I [said], you know, ‘What’s it like, if you have to draw a gun, if you have to shoot somebody?’ and [he said], ‘Aw, that’s a lot of paperwork.’”

“We show you the fun stuff on TV,” Estes continued. “But like everyone else is saying, I think that we all feel a huge responsibility to get it right.”

Watch Estes describe police work (at 37:50) here:

Will Estes Has Police Officer Friends

Not only does he play a cop on TV, but Estes also has police officer friends in real life. The “Blue Bloods” star told CBS in 2018 that he was glad to see Jamie finally get promoted, because his friends had been giving him grief about it.

“I was getting tired of my police officer friends asking when I was going to get promoted,” Estes said. “I was glad we could finally give them what they want. The most fun part was when I finally came on set in a sergeant’s uniform. We work closely with former NYPD detectives and they got a kick out of it. Any change is fun when you’re on a long running show so that was a great one for me to have those moments with the guys.”

But just because Jamie rules the roost at work doesn’t mean he runs things at home. In fact, as Estes noted, “when Jamie wins at work he loses at home.” When Jamie and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) are off the clock, it’s usually Eddie who does the deciding.

‘Blue Bloods’ Is Renewed for Season 12

After 11 seasons, you might think “Blue Bloods” would be losing steam. But you’d be wrong – the show’s explosive Season 11 finale was gripping enough to be a series finale. And in fact, when they set out to plot the season finale, they didn’t know whether or not it would mark the end of “Blue Bloods,” showrunner Kevin Wade told TV Insider last month.

“It was a funny mix of our fictional world and our real world, in that we were told early on, I think in November, that it would be a two-part, back-to-back season finale, but we didn’t know if it was in fact the series finale,” Wade said. “It was really just a matter of finding an overarching story that we could put all of our characters to work with each other, with friction with each other, and hopefully achieve something worth taking two hours to tell.”

Fortunately, CBS then renewed the series for Season 12. So it looks like “Blue Bloods” fans will have more drama in store for them in the future.