‘Blue Bloods’: Jamie Reagan Actor Will Estes Named His Most Challenging Scenes

by Madison Miller
Photo: Best Possible Screengrab ©2021 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Since the show first premiered up until the current 11th season, we’ve seen the Reagan family over on “Blue Bloods” go through a series of challenges.

From death to crime to career mishaps, “Blue Bloods” shines a light on multiple parts of the law enforcement world.

Will Estes plays Jamie Reagan on the popular procedural drama. He has been a main cast member since the beginning, alongside Donne Wahlberg, Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynahan, and Len Cariou.

Jamie Reagan is a sergeant right now, although he could soon be moving up to the lieutenant position. His character has gone through an immersive amount of growth, from moving up from the officer position to also starting a family at the same time.

Will Estes Best Scenes to Film on ‘Blue Bloods’

Estes recently shared with The Nerds of Color what it’s like to portray Jamie on the screen. More specifically, he opened up about what some of the most challenging scenes to film for “Blue Bloods” are.

“The complicated scenes are probably the hardest. Some of the scenes that I thought I executed poorly, that I didn’t like shooting at all and that ‘didn’t go well,’ ended up being my best work when I saw the final product. And conversely, when I’ve liked something I got to do a lot going in, it ended up not being quite what I thought it was going to be… funny how that works. Be careful about liking or hating anything too much,” Will Estes said during the interview.

Although Jamie Reagan is just a character on a show, “Blue Bloods” does try to incorporate some real-world issues into the plot. For Will Estes, filming these scenes can be especially rewarding.

“I love when we tackle real world issues and involve current debates and events in the show. I think Blue Bloods lives and breathes in these spaces. A lot of people are taking issue with policing methods, policies, and practices in the United States today. Blue Bloods is a story about a family of cops and an ADA who do their best to get it right, who are good people even if flawed,” Estes said during the interview.

Estes Talks Landing Role on Series

For Will Estes, landing the role as Jamie Reagan on “Blue Bloods” was like hitting the TV jackpot. The show has been fairly successful, providing him with a consistent job for 11 seasons.

So, how did he land the role in the first place?

“It was during pilot season, and it was probably my favourite script that I had read for a long time. Robin Green and Leonard Goldberg were the producers and they had been doing a show about anti-hero’s during the Soprano’s and they wanted to do a show about heroes. Flawed maybe, or people who try to be the good guys, so they wrote the pilot episode of Blue Bloods and it was awesome. They got Tom Selleck as the patriarch and commissioner of New York City and it was just a fantastic script. It all starts with the writing and the story. When the story is good everybody wants to be on board,” he said to Taylor Magazine in 2017.

He also revealed that his favorite part of being on the show is the “storytelling and the drama.”