‘Blue Bloods’: Will Jamie Reagan Be Promoted To Lieutenant This Season?

by Megan Molseed

As the twelfth season of the hit CBS drama series Blue Bloods continues to get underway, there is one question some fans of the popular series can’t wait to be answered. Will Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) be promoted again? This time, to a Lieutenant on New York City Police Department?

Some fans are so eager to see the Blue Bloods police sergeant continue up the ranks of the New York City Police Department, that the question has even become a topic of discussion on Reddit.

Will ‘Blue Bloods’ Sergeant Be Moving Up To Lieutenant?

“When will Jaime be promoted to lieutenant?” one Blue Bloods fan asked recently on the popular website. “Will it happen this year?” the Redditor continues. “Will he be #1 on the list again?”

“It would definitely be nice to see a Reagan move up again,” responds MattCW1701 in the recent Reddit thread.

The Redditor went on to note that Jamie Reagan is likely to be the only one in the Blue Bloods family who would be looking at a promotion in the near future.

“I think it’s been stated, implicitly if not explicitly, that Danny will never advance beyond detective,” the Blue Bloods fan explains.

“Henry is already retired, Frank is as high as you can go unless he runs for mayor,” MattCW1701 adds. “Erin has certainly advanced, though for one, it’s much more subtle, and two, it’s not within the NYPD.”

While this commenter certainly sees potential for an upcoming promotion for Jamie Reagan, MattCW1701 did mention another possible direction in which the show could take.

“Another interesting angle would be for Baez to be the one promoted,” the fan explains.

Big Promotions Could Lead To Bigger Drama

Another Blue Bloods watcher notes that a promotion for Jamie could lead to more drama on the hits CBS series.

“Maybe after Eddie gets promoted,” notes Glassjoe1337. The Redditor adds that maybe not promoting Jamie Reagan would lead to the couple’s separation while “on the job.”

Though not promoting Jamie might be a good reason to separate Eddie and Jamie.

Of course, a promotion to lieutenant would put Jamie Reagan in a position of power. Primarily over his older brother, New York City Police Detective, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg.)

“Though it would be interesting to see Jamie getting promoted and get transferred to Danny’s precinct for a bit,” the fan says. “It could lead to a bit of family drama by Jamie being in charge of his older brother.”

Another fan of the popular show had to remind the Redditors that, historically, promotions seem to be the farthest thing from Jamie Reagan’s mind.

“It took him too long to become a sergeant,” explains Reddit user pinelogr in the post.

“By choice!” pinelogr adds. “He is not that interested in climbing the ladder… although i believe a lieutenant isn’t that different than a sergeant.”